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This article reposted from iam100k.com, the personal blog of Chad Kukahiko. this is really

Rebekah Sindoris

Rebekah Sindoris is an experienced producer and line producer/UPM. She began her career at

Kevin Ashworth

Kevin has been to about a dozen We Make Movies readings and screenings. He

Benjamin Pitts

Benjamin has worked in film and television production for over ten years. Starting in

Amanda Lippert

Amanda is a Meisner/Strassburg/Hagan trained actress and recent transplant from NYC. Her independent film

Nalini Sharma

For bio and more, please click on the photo.

Vivian Kerr

Vivian Kerr grew up in Sacramento, CA and earned her BA in Theatre from

What is a 2nd AC

2nd ACs assist the camera operator in positioning and moving the camera, and are

Brendan Cadigan Weinhold

Brendan’s acting career spans roles from God in The General of Hot Desire to

David Ghilardi

David Ghilardi has done over 155 different plays, has shot more than 40 films

Laundry Room

An original short short from the people who brought you…nothing else. Their first film,

Parking Spot

Everyone’s favorites, Gerard and Esteban from the Laundry Room, are BACK! What in the

Fame is fleeting

When two nameless actors arrive in Los Angeles with delusions of pending grandeur they

What is a 1st AC

The role of the 1st AC (until recently known as Focus Puller) is one

What is a Best Boy

The term Best Boy refers to the best electrician in the team led by

What is a Gaffer

A Gaffer in the motion picture industry is the head of the electrical department,

What is a Line Producer

The Line Producer is one of the first people to be employed on a

Cops Shows Anonymous

Cop Shows Anonymous reveals the 12-step journey of four characters coming to terms with

Jessica Rothert

Originally from the rolling hills of Kentucky, Jessica feels quite at home in the

Nadja Hoyer-Booth

Nadja Hoyer-Booth, a New York native who started her career in acting a mere

Rusty Sindt

I have some gear and want to win festivals. I’d hate to see seven

Robert Campbell

Robert is a seven-year-and-counting Angeleno whose first job in Tinsel town was as an

Jay J. Levy

Theatrically trained writer, director & producer (in that order) with an award-winning short film

Halley Kim

Born and raised in the DC Metro area University of Michigan graduate Trained vocalist/musician

Christopher Frederick

Christopher Frederick is delighted to have played the most ferocious of predators in Snuggle