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The basics of optimism and color theory, with a nod to neuroscience.

When Freud came to believe he was going to die between the ages of

Alex Simon

I’m a Cinematographer in L.A. who owns a Canon 7D and a Panasonic HVX-200.

Red Cloud Rising – Review

After purchasing tickets to what I thought was an interactive theater production called Red Cloud

Kim Reed

I am a bi-coastal actor that grew up in New England but have traveled

Jessica Silvetti

I’m passionate about stories with a primary focus on female characters; stories about loss,

Noel Evangelisti

I have a master’s degree in theater from California Institue of the Arts. I

Jennifer Jules Hart

Jules is an Actress, TV Host & Voiceover Artist living in Los Angeles. She

Laura Mannino

Laura Mannino is an actor, stand-up comic, comedic writer and producer from New York.

Michael Klug

Michael was born and raised in South Dakota and attended the University of Minnesota;


holy crap. check out this incredible hour and a half documentary about the digital

Apocalypse Later, Surf Now

this is a pretty amazing video created by my friend Keith Turner. he spent

Anisa Alamia


Wall Street Realty

Wall Street Realty. We want to help you into the next place you’ll occupy.

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The Last Anarchist

A short film about Donny, an eccentric anarchist and his unique way of grieving

Matthew Olson

I’m a post/VFX producer by day and a wannabe writer by night.

Last Days: Ante Diem — the superfreakos’ first animation

so this is superfreako productions’ (Chad, Denny & Kendall‘s production company) very first stab

Bhi Bhiman’s “Guttersnipe” directed/edited by Joe Leonard

check out this sweet video that was directed and edited by our own Joe

Nik Isbelle

I moved to Los Angeles to go to Loyola Marymount University. I then left

Keith Gerchak

The great-grandson of Russian vaudevillians, Keith grew up in Cleveland, OH, where as the

Canon Launches A New Range Of EF Mount Cinema Lenses

Alongside the launch of the new EOS C300 Canon have also unveiled a new

Stephen Fry’s Planet Word, Episode Five (in full): The Power and the Glory

I don’t know how many of you are documentary buffs that like to learn

Tom Kiesche

A list of links with DEMOS and CREDITS can be found at tomkiesche.com or

Neil Argo


Mae Aswell

Whaddaya say about a girl who comes from a short line of mid-19th Century

Andy Cohen

Im a really funny actor who is looking to work with talented people and