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Why Film Festivals Suck and How To Make Them Better

by Sam Mestman Okay, I want you to close your eyes now and picture…

Netflix Streaming is big and getting bigger

Just recently Netflix announced new pricing for their users and in that new pricing

Section 181 compiled off the net

I once had a dream to be a tax lawyer. God how sad you

Agreeing to Agree

by Jiyoung Moon Many of you entertainment professionals out there like to agree to

Handshake Deals

Handshake deals. I shudder at the thought. Well not really. I’m an attorney and

Hello World!

that’s right! ‘we make movies’ has a brand spanking new web site, and guess

“How I Got Lost” feature film available online!

“Sometimes you have to get lost to figure out where you’re going…” This is

RED workflow tips

POST Workflow tips (AKA: how to finish your economically challenged movie and not have

Screening Formats

Screening Formats/ Why your movie looks shitty at a Festival – by Sam Mestman

Sound Tips with Bill Braun

Sound Tips – A Q&A with Bill Braun by Sam Mestman The followiing is

Writing Resources

Writing Resources by Sam Mestman: Ummm… unlike some of the other sections, there isn’t

Production Resources

Production Resources by Sam Mestman: Production. Welcome to hell. The following will not teach

Distribution Resources

Distribution Resources by Sam Mestman Anyone who has made an indie film recently knows