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We Make Movies: Canada

We’re international, people! long-time, loyal WMMer Michael Coady moved back to Canada for a

Casting Needs: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Production: The Picture of Dorian Gray Contact: Aaron Brenner Contact Email: [email protected]   Contact Phone Number:

Production Needs: “The Man Who Loved His Cat”

Production: “The Man Who Loved His Cat” Contact:Jay J. Levy Contact Email: [email protected]   Contact Phone

what the eff is going on here?!?!

UPDATE: you may have noticed that just redirects to a page back here

A List of Film Collaboration Websites

It seems like I get a pitch in my inbox once a week for

How One Response to a Reddit Query Became a Big-Budget Flick

James Erwin, 37, works for a financial services firm in Des Moines, Iowa, writing software

Student Fringe: Calling all Teachers!

The Hollywood Fringe Festival is delighted and proud to announce Student Fringe, a new

Hollywood Pitch Festival

I did this two years ago and it was amazing. I made some good

Chad & Sam featured on

check it out! Sam and Chad are featured today in IdeaMensch‘s “62 Los Angeles

Indie Feature seeks attendees

hey friends. some indie filmmakers who recently went out to help Keegan on a

win $200, help a WMM vet & enjoy a cool looking show at the same time!

hey kids! this just in from WMM vet Jared Parsons: WMM member Jared Parsons

to all our homies in San Francisco!

our Bay area besties, Scary Cow, have a bunch of fun stuff about to

You are invited to a staged reading of UNTITLED on Feb 29th

CALLING ALL ACTORS, WRITERS, PRODUCERS! Elan O’Connor (WMM projects “Hipster Backlash”, “Descending Harmony”, etc.),

You’re invited! “EXTRACTION” table read in the new space, Feb 15

Doug Burch and Sam Ingraffia, writer/producers of WAGES OF SIN, (their feature that just

“Leprechauns & Lies”

Chad Kukahiko, the We Make Movies web guy and Creative Director of superfreako productions,

Hats 4 Hutus! A Hipster Backlash benefit concert/BBQ shoots Oct. 23rd! Come be a part of it!

Whattup? You are cordially invited to join us for a very special Underground Performance

And our winner is… Sam Ingraffia’s “Silent Night in Muncie”!

  “Silent Night In Muncie” Wins The WMM Kickstarter Extra Film Competition Congratulations to

Scary Cow info sessions – coming up!

San Francisco area people, that time has come again! Scary Cow info sessions are

WMM Event: Kickstarter Extra Film Contest Finals Weds Oct. 12th!

Kickstarter Extra Film Contest Finals Wednesday, October 12th at the Downtown Independent! Okay, you


just got this play announcement from WMM newbie, Tudor Munteanu – you might have

Come see Tara Samuel as Ruby Booby – Festival Kick-Off Fundraiser!

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Booby is ready to LAUNCH. You gotta come!!!! “Watching Ruby

should We Make Movies try to become a Netflix Distributor?

this sounds kind of interesting. what do you guys think? If you’re an independent

Free Screening of “Wages Of Sin”

So this from new WMM-er, Sam Ingraffia. Hey Guys, I just wanted to officially

YouTube has published a “Creator Playbook”

Want to learn how to maximize YouTube’s audience-creating, career-making e-Kung fu? Read this:

Vimeo’s new PRO service for businesses

We Make Movie-dude John Sandel just turned us on to this little bit of

Historian Paradox screening TONIGHT!

hey yall, friends of mine have a fun short that was at the Big