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Production Needs: Assassins Anonymous

Production:  Assassins Anonymous Contact: Aldo Pisano Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 212-920-7559 Location: Los Angeles CREW: BOOM

Production Needs: Eel

Production:  Eel Contact: James Kaelan Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 916-276-9421 Location: Los Angeles I’m the writer/director

Casting Needs: PORT

Production:  PORT Contact: Rebekah Sindoris Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 310.709.9339 Location: Los Angeles Casting for 2

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Production Needs: Zombie Whisperer

Production:  Zombie Whisperer Contact: Matt Fowler Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: (213)908-3715 Location: Los Angeles I’m looking

Production Needs: GamerGirl

Production:  GamerGirl Contact: Kriste Pickrell Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 850-348-0465 Location: Los Angeles Needed: DP Film

Production & Casting Needs: “The Picture of Dorian Gray”

Production:  “The Picture of Dorian Gray” Contact: Eric Kochmer Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 347-418-7133 Location: Los

Casting Needs: GRAVESEND

Production:  GRAVESEND Contact: Reena Dutt Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 323-333-4694 Location: Los Angeles Stage Directions Casting

Production Needs: Losing My Religion

Production:  Losing My Religion Contact: Clark D. Schaefer Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 720-840-3737 Location: Los Angeles

Production Needs: Electric Slide

Production:  Electric Slide Contact: Allison Scott Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 323-761-2613 Location: Los Angeles Electric Slide

Production & Casting Needs: Deferred Pay Receptionist

Production:  Deferred Pay Receptionist Contact: Anisa Alamia Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 626-497-6938 Location: Los Angeles Production:

Casting Needs: Milestones

Production:  Milestones Contact: Kendall Kanoa Hawley Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 602-740-5066 superfreako productions is shooting

Production Needs: The Experiment (working title)

Production:  The Experiment (working title) Contact: Ja’nelle Clark Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 310-421-8414 Further contact

Casting Needs: Spec commercial

Production: Spec commercial Contact: Tom Murtagh Contact Email:  Contact Phone Number: 818 825-0640 Spec commercial Casting Only

Production & Casting Needs: Losing My Religion

Production: Losing My Religion Contact: Clark D. Schaefer Contact Email:  Contact Phone Number: 720-840-3737 Locations Needed: Small

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Production Needs: Always Us

Production: Always Us Contact: Doyle Brand Contact Email:  Contact Phone Number: 310-804-8228 Script Supervisor / PA 1-day

Production Needs: Film Challenge film TBA

Production: Film Challenge film TBA Contact: Tamar Kummel Contact Email:  Contact Phone Number:

… and the winners are!

so the semi-finals in the film challenge are complete and the winners have been

Casting & Production Needs: Best Friends (Web Series)

Production: Best Friends (Web Series) Contact: Sergio Crego / Amanda Lippert Contact Email:

Casting Needs: Layover

Production: Layover Contact: Chad Kukahiko Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 323-842-2627 WMM Slate 2

Casting Needs: Love2Recycle

Production: Love2Recycle Contact: Laurence Stajic Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: N/A Established French commercial production company

Production Needs: Clutch Season 2 – Episode 8

Production: Clutch Season 2: episode 8 Contact: Jonathan Robbins Contact Email: Contact Phone

Production Needs: 3 Puffs of Gold

Production: 3 Puffs of Gold Contact: Reena Dutt Contact Email: Contact Phone Number:

Production Needs: 3 Strikes (web series)

Production: 3 Strikes (web series) Contact: Sarah McLean Contact Email: Contact Phone Number:

Production Needs: Several Superfreako Projects

Production: Superfreako Productions Contact: Kendall Kanoa Hawley Contact Email:   Contact Phone Number: 602-740-5066 Commercial