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Announcing the 2014 Comedy Script Contest!

We’re excited about this one!  Let’s just get right to it – we’ve lined

The Ardavany Approach for WMM: Step One

Step One: The Script From the Actor’s Perspective  We must make the script real

Cumulative Advantage and Women Playwrights

At The Summit, a public conversation with prominent DC theatres’ artistic directors convened by Washington

6 Tips to Writing Great Female Characters: An Open Letter to My Male Allies

Creating female characters that defy sexist clichés is one of the easiest ways to

10 Commandments for Directing (& Writing) Comedy from Director David Dobkin

What is the funniest movie you’ve ever seen? Do you lean towards the slapstickiness

Inside Amtrak’s (Absolutely Awesome) Plan to Give Free Rides to Writers

Amtrak has begun offering “writers’ residencies” to, well, writers – long roundtrip rides aboard Amtrak trains

10 Takeaways from the (Life-Changing!) Sundance Screenwriters Lab

It takes a village to make an independent film, and there are few villages

Academy’s 2014 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting Competition Now Underway

The 2014 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting competition is now underway.  In November, as

TNT & TBS Partner with The Black List to Tap Talented Writers

TNT and TBS are partnering with The Black List on an initiative to promote

How To Kill a Baby

DISCLAIMER: This DevelopMental Breakdown is about maintaining uncompromising creative standards, and not about killing

Telling the Truth Without Paying For It

Adapting a true story for film can be tricky. On the one hand, reality


HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM WMM! One thing we do here on our site is

BBC and China Central TV to Open Story Development Center

State broadcast giants seek documentary, live event collaboration. HONG KONG — The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Inside the Dark Literary World of ‘American Beauty’ Screenwriter Alan Ball

Some of the most important screenwriting advice you’ll ever hear is to write what

Learn About Taking Meetings & the Development Process from the Austin Film Festival

One of the most important career skills a screenwriter should learn is how to

‘American Psycho’ Screenwriter Guinevere Turner Wants You to Write the Worst Scene Ever Written

Writer/director/actress, and one of the most influential proponents of LGBT cinema, Guinevere Turner, sat

Joe Eszterhas’ 10 Golden Rules of Screenwriting

Legend has it (okay, well, actually it was theLos Angeles Times) that Joe Eszterhas once

Tony Gilroy’s 5 Simple Rules for Writing an Original Screenplay

Narrative film is certainly a collaborative medium, but almost always it begins with a

‘Twilight Zone’ Creator Rod Serling Shares Great Screenwriting Insight in Final Interview

To many he’s just that eerie, stilted voice of The Twilight Zone, but to others he

And the Lord Declared: Let There Be Really High Stakes!

Attention all Screenwriters, Graphic Novelists, Novelists-Afraid-Of-Screenwriting, and Waiters, Bankers, Accountants, Teachers, Custodians, Firefighters, Cashiers

“Three of One Kind” Premiere Proves Scripts Really Do Get Made!

Nearly two years ago, when New York City filmmaker Perri Pierre and I first

How To Write a Killer Logline

People get obsessed with writing their logline. And so they should. It’s a crucial

The Single Biggest Dialogue Sin

Dialogue that is over real can kill your script stone dead – which is

How To Write A Screenplay That Breaks Through To A Mass Audience

Here’s ten headlines. Ten rules of thumb. Ten writing magic stepping stones I follow religiously. Follow

Formatting Your Script – The Basics

I’ve been asked by some people how to properly format a script. Note that

Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant on the Fifteenth Anniversary of Good Will Hunting

Get ready to feel old: This month marks the fifteenth anniversary of Good Will Hunting,