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Charting Your Camera

Setting up your camera properly requires more than just turning the camera on and

It’s All About the Lenses…BABY!

Ever since getting the 7D in 2009, I’ve been on the look out for

SketchPad: A Filmmaker’s Storyboard Coming To IPad

Attention all iPad packin’ storyboard artists! TikiBone will soon be releasing a new iPad

New Final Cut Pro editing software draws mixed reviews

While Apple calls it a “revolution” in video editing, because Final Cut Pro X

Release of Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is far more than an upgrade — it’s an overhaul.

Ipad Slate to get Real

Even though this isn’t officially a real product yet, it’s still officially really awesome!

The Great Camera Shootout

This film is Part I of a series of technical tests sponsored by Zacuto