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The Gift and the Curse of Zeiss Superspeed Lenses

photo credit: Aperture Pictures It was the weight in my hands that I first

Shooting a surfing timeslice effect at sea with a 48 GoPro camera array – Amazing

UPDATE: the video that this article is talking about has been removed on YouTube

Hot Button Discussion Higher Frame Rates By Michael Goldman

When James Cameron showed up at CinemaCom 2011 in Las Vegas earlier this year

RED teases 4K passive-3D laser-illuminated projector

RED, the digital cinematography company famous for its 4K Red One cameras, has published

Eric Haase Turns Two IPads Into The Ultimate Interview Accessory.

I’ve seen iPads used for storyboarding, iPads used as slates, but I’ve never seen

More about Roles in FCPX from Steve Martin and Mark Spencer

For everyone who finds file organization to be not only time consuming, but critical

Understanding the Importance of WHITE BALANCE

If one can answer the question “Why is the sky blue?” you’re already half

Syfy Unleashes ‘Alphas’: Tapeless Production with ARRI Alexa, Canon 5D and GoPro

The term “alpha” can mean different things to different people—to some it’s the first

A matter of Mynd over movies

Device lets brainwaves determine film outcomes By AJ MARECHAL The ability to determine the

Top and Tail editing now available on Final Cut Pro X

Use Top and Tail Editing to Quickly Assemble B-Roll in Final Cut Pro X!

Evan Schectmann talks sense about FCPX’s history, features and future

This guy talks sense. He has boiled down into one video information that would

Rough Guide to Location Sound Recording

It is easy to get carried away with the visual side of filmmaking and

REVIEW: Litepanels Sola ENG LED Fresnel Light

I’ve gone on record in the past as not being a big fan of

500mm lens for under US$200

Have you ever tried capturing an exotic bird using your dSLR’s kit lens only

WeirdWare: iPhone SLR Mount

Your iPhone can take some pretty good photos — for a phone. And your

Tom Guilmette takes a first look at the Red Epic

We’ve featured Tom’s videos on here before and they are always worth watching. in

Best DSLR camera apps for 2011

Have total control over your photographs using digital single-lens reflex camera applications. With all

glass: The best long fast lenses for action photographers

Long fast lenses (big glass) are vital for sports and news photography, and the

FDX Reader Brings Final Draft Documents To The IPad

The app has been around for a few weeks now. You may have heard

Great FCPX Review

Hey Guys… Sam Here… it took a couple weeks, but I finally found a

fxphd online VFX training courses

We have a brand new motion graphics-based course taught by fxphd favorite Tim Clapham.

Beyond the Box Office

MoPix was founded as a solution to the problem many of our independent filmmaker

Get your film in more hands

Stonehenge Productions provides an easy and economical way for indie film makers to distribute

What I Do With My iPad Part 1: Storyboarding

As I detailed in The DV Rebel’s Guide, storyboards don’t have to be immaculately

New Technicolor Profile for Canon HDDSLRs

Given that the 5D MKII produces compressed H.264 footage (unlike the Arri Alexa or

ADR: Hollywood secrets for dialogue recording

One of the interesting fields used in the production of films is the process