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How I Learned To Build An Avid Editing Bay For Under $1,500

On some low-budget sets, they have what is called a “skeleton crew,” which is

Why The Media Has Been Wrong About YouTube Networks

For much of 2013 I  watched the press write articles about how the YouTube

Short Film ‘Noah’ Tells Tale of Heartbreak Completely on Computer Screen

In the past decade, the web has gone from a place where it was

An Indie Filmmaker’s Take on 4K and the Consumer Market

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE supporter of 4K, however recently I’ve been

Cine Gear: Colorfront Shipping New Version of Express Dailies

Packaged with the 2013 software version is On-Set Live, a new look creation and

Smaller and faster – What the future MacPro might look like part two

When we posted Peter Zigich’s first design thoughts on a new MacPro last year,

Sony KDL–40BX420E: a low cost monitor for 1080p video editing at worldwide framerates

When Miami-based set out to choose the key components for a new video

Color Matching a Canon C300 to an Arri Alexa

I’m shooting more projects with the Canon C300 but none of the built-in looks

Still Waiting on a New Mac Pro? 2012 iMac Beats Mac Pro in DaVinci Resolve and Premiere

Oh where, oh where is Apple’s “Pro” line of products going? Okay, I admit

4K: HDTV Redux?

Beyond 1080 – If the recent flurry of news about 4K TV gives you a

48 fps: A Bridge Too Near?

Filmmaker Peter Jackson has recently performed a very public experiment in releasing The Hobbit: An

What Good is a Macbeth/Colorchecker Chart?

Most camera rental houses have an in-house expendables store, and during a recent visit

Formatting Your Script – The Basics

I’ve been asked by some people how to properly format a script. Note that

Creating A Feature Film DCP Using OpenDCP

In December 2011 I wrote about using a MacBook Pro as a playout source for the

LIGHT METERS: What are Incident Meters Good For, Anyway?

Way back when I shot film I was a serious devotee of The Zone

Arri Alexa – Legal vs. Extended

While this article is very specfic to the Arri Alexa and its digital color

CAMERAS: A New Chart for Film-Style Production—The DSC OneShot

The days where we could set printer lights using a simple gray card are

App of the Week – DSLR Toolkit

Welcome to this week’s “App of the Week” column. You know, the writing quality

Blackmagic Cinema Camera DNGs graded in Final Cut Pro X

I thought I would try bringing in the raw Cinema DNG files from John

Canon 7D finally gets the firmware it has needed! Download it now!

It has been a long time coming and with no reason as to why

Apple OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion Update & Video Editing

Apple’s newest operating system 10.8 Mountain Lion is out now, so you may be wondering how

DCP explained

If you want to display your film in a digital cinema at highest possible

Thunderbolt Tools for Filmmakers and Editors

When the super fast Thunderbolt connection for Apple Macs was announced, there was a

18MP Canon 650D dSLR launched, with contrast and phase detection

It’s raining cameras! Well, not literally (how we wish!) but 2012 seems to be

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro, Motion, Aperture, iPhoto, and iTunes

Apple has quietly issued updates for a number of its software packages following the

Help Desk: Formats Explained

At AbelCine, we offer a class on video formats that covers a variety of different