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Cinema is a visual art form. It is universal and ubiquitous. The same images

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by David August Just putting a video online does not guarantee it will get

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Contrary to popular belief, fog machines are not just helpful tools used to set the mood

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Using two Black Armored Hexacopters, a RED Epic and an LED lighting rig, aerial

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An important lesson I’m sure many film and videomakers have come to learn is

Find out How to Create Cheap Backyard Foley from ‘Last of Us’ Sound Designer Rob Krekel

If you’re just starting out as a filmmaker, or more specifically, a sound designer,

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A Train, a Narrow Trestle and 60 Seconds to Escape: How ‘Midnight Rider’ Victim Sarah Jones Lost Her Life

The parents of the young camera assistant killed in the train accident on the

Which Cameras Were Used on the Oscar-Nominated Films of 2014?

We all know that being a filmmaker means a lot more than having an

How To Shoot B-Roll

The Transom Online Workshop asked videographer/director Slavik Boyechko, of the PBS series INDIE ALASKA, to walk

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Over the last century, each generation of technology revolutionized filmmaking. But with the smartphone

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After Michael Mann set out to direct Collateral, the story’s setting moved from New York

Joyce Tsang of Stillmotion Discusses Choosing the Best Camera to Tell Your Story

When many of us first picked up a camera, it was whatever we had

Sundance: In a World Gone Digital, Indie Filmmakers Reach for 16 mm

“Happy Christmas,” “Listen Up Philip” and “Low Down” are part of an indie trend

Everything You Need to Know About the Dolly Zoom

The dolly zoom, also referred to as the Vertigo effect or a Zolly shot,

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A working cinematographer puts Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera through its paces, finding it a superb

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The Year in Gear: Goodbye 2013, Here Comes 2014K

It is perhaps indicative of how low-key this year was that when I first

A Jib & Handheld Stabilizer All in One: Digital Juice Introduces the Transformable Gemini

Something as simple as moving your camera will add not only the kinetic energy

POV’s 2013 Documentary Filmmaking Equipment Survey

POV asked documentarians to share their experiences with equipment and documentary tools – from

How to Recreate the Title Sequences from 3 Hollywood Films Using (Primarily) After Effects

Nailing the opening title of your film is important for a number of reasons. Usually it’s


Shooting Gallery Level One from Jon Corippo 1. FILM LOOKSFor the classroom 2. Inspired

Renowned Gaffer John Higgins Reveals Secrets Behind Lighting Some of Hollywood’s Biggest Films

Just about every cinematographer will tell you the same thing: their work wouldn’t be

Everything You Need to Know About Color in the Digital Age

Color is one of the most important and powerful visual tools through which filmmakers