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ALEXA used for COLDPLAY concert film

ARRI’s new Fiber Remote Option for the ALEXA camera has passed the ultimate field

The Benefits of Using Neutral Density (ND) Filters & Gels in Video Production

The same way you need to ensure your color temperature is right to minimize color

LIGHT METERS: What are Incident Meters Good For, Anyway?

Way back when I shot film I was a serious devotee of The Zone


During my search of the internets for more ways to McGyver things on set

50 screenwriters, 50 filmmakers… ’50 Kisses’…

This is a little late notice, but if you have the means to turn

CAMERAS: A New Chart for Film-Style Production—The DSC OneShot

The days where we could set printer lights using a simple gray card are

App of the Week – DSLR Toolkit

Welcome to this week’s “App of the Week” column. You know, the writing quality

Scary Cow info sessions – coming up!

San Francisco area people, that time has come again! Scary Cow info sessions are

César Charlone – A Shared Vision

The visual success of any film surely depends on the bond between director and

Rough Guide to Location Sound Recording

It is easy to get carried away with the visual side of filmmaking and

Jungle – Production Solution 2

Gorilla Film Production Software puts you in control like nothing else. Designed by filmmakers,

Charting Your Camera

Setting up your camera properly requires more than just turning the camera on and

the “Don’t” list

here’s a little “Don’t” list from our friends at here’s a little snippet

We Make Movies: Slate One

big news today, we just launched a kickstarter campaign for the first of what

Scary Cow info sessions

San Francisco area people, there’s this gang of filmmakers in your area that we’re

met a really cool guy today at lunch name Jordan Passman. we’ve been trying

F*ck you. Pay Me.

A great video with some great advice about how not to get screwed over

Saying It Better Than We Could Say It: Why movies Stopped Being Good

Here’s a great article in GQ explaining better than we can what the hell

Getting lost and starting over – Joe Leonard

For me, making a movie is about asking a question and then searching for

How to Write, Act, Direct and Produce -or- How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Blowing Up Myself / Others

What did Lawrence from Office Space say he’d do with a million dollars –

Screening Formats

Screening Formats/ Why your movie looks shitty at a Festival – by Sam Mestman

Production Resources

Production Resources by Sam Mestman: Production. Welcome to hell. The following will not teach