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The Kit I’ve chosen to exclude my meters, specialty lenses and other DP hardware

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“The passion translates. If you have passion for the project it comes across.” Some

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There’s a new Pitch Perfect movie coming out next week. I knew that they were

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Christopher McQuarrie, the director of “Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation,” was 5 years old when the

Here’s How to Get Elijah Wood and the SpectreVision Team to Produce Your Film

SpectreVision, the genre film production company spearheaded by Elijah Wood along with filmmakers Daniel

YouTube Stars As Movie Stars: YouTube to Make Full-Length Feature Films This Year

YouTube has made a name for itself by steadfastly supporting the content creators that

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Actress-producer Olivia Wilde and the producers of successful indies Bachelorette, The Place Beyond the

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Attention filmmakers: As you are no doubt aware, much of your time as filmmakers

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Legendary Producer Marin Karmitz on Great Directors, Producing, and Why Money is Never the Real Problem

Combining taste, business savvy, and enduring idealism for the role cinema can play within

Watch: Wim Wenders’ ‘Room 666,’ Featuring Spielberg, Godard, Fassbinder, Herzog, Antonioni & More

Thirty-one years ago today, Rainer Werner Fassbinder died from a cocaine-induced heart attack in his Munich apartment, leaving behind a

10 Unconventional Steps to Get Your Indie Film Out in the World

Where do you go after winning the Palme d’Or at Cannes for your first

BREAKING BAD – Motivated Camera Movement

Cinema is a visual art form. It is universal and ubiquitous. The same images

Fog, Smoke, & Haze: The Swiss Army Knives of Cinematography Tools

Contrary to popular belief, fog machines are not just helpful tools used to set the mood

11 Keys to Filming in a Small Town

It’s often said that creating a boot-strapped, no-budget independent film is a lot like

Storytelling in an ‘A.D.D. Culture’: How to Capture Your Audience’s Divided Attention

What is at the core of filmmaking? It’s the same thing that made us