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Harnessing the Hydra: How to Be a Better Collaborator, by Southbound Director Roxanne Benjamin

Good collaboration happens when a film’s creative heads move in unison. We hear over

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According to David Fincher, do you have any guesses about what the top 3

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Organization links scientists with writers who want a dose of scientific accuracy; black holes,

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The job of a script supervisor was devised around the ten arbitrary things that

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Jocelyn Moorhouse was living the Hollywood dream when life decided it had other plans

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On a typically tight indie production, getting any rehearsal time at all is an

Community-Based Moviemaking Takes Off: Drone Enthusiasts Unite to Create Rotor DR1

Moviemaker Chad Kapper sees the future of filmmaking as a new paradigm, where entertainment

“Always Give Exposition While Running From a Bear”: Drew and John Erick Dowdle on No Escape

For the past few years I’ve been bemoaning the decline of the mid-range genre

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Studio executives often protest that there simply aren’t enough talented female filmmakers to choose

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Pitch not strong enough? A lookbook can be the ace up a hardworking producer’s

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If you want to meet the smartest man in Hollywood, head east from Grauman’s

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It’s early in the morning in Berlin, and a 23-year-old woman from Madrid named

A Better Budget: The Beginner’s Guide to Planning an Indie Budget

A typical feature budget has 30 to 40 categories, anywhere from 250 to 300-plus

5 Easy Tips for Achieving Day for Night

“The key is knowing when and where you can get away with it.” Noam

Can Nerds Really Rule TV?

Fantastic Four may be shaping up to be one of the biggest critical and

Mutiny! And How to Avoid It: Managing Delicate Temperaments on Set

If you want to avoid mutiny on your set, you probably shouldn’t be reading


Quite a lot has been said in previous blogs about the principles of scenework


When they met at the Sundance Directing Lab in 1998, neither Rodrigo Garcia nor

6 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Making a Web Series

The Unemployed Roommate genre is so worn out that even your mom may not

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After gaining fame as part of the now defunct YouTube supergroup Our2ndLife, Kian Lawley

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FILMMAKING IS EXPENSIVE, but bigger budgets aren’t always better. Jason Blum is one of

Cinema Law: Why Using Volunteers is a Risky Way to Keep Costs Down on Your Film

Q: Is it legally permissible for a California LLC to use unpaid labor to

How the DP Behind Sundance Hit ‘Tangerine’ Created a Cinematic Look with an iPhone

Radium Cheung, HKSC, talks to Indiewire about how and why he used a mobile


We found this gem of a site that provides tutorials on lighting and other

The Generic Stuff: How to Make Film Genre Work, Or Not Work, For You

Talking about film genre is an exercise in stilted speech. Ever had one of