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How They Created the Bear VFX for the Mauling of Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Revenant’

ILM divulges its impressive character animation for the bear, which has been shortlisted for

“Always Give Exposition While Running From a Bear”: Drew and John Erick Dowdle on No Escape

For the past few years I’ve been bemoaning the decline of the mid-range genre

Scene Tectonics: Damage-Control Your Edit with Eight Tips for Scene Transitions

We’ve all been there–the editing room-turned-rescue center. Here’s a secret to surviving those agonizing

British Film Composer Simon Boswell Reveals Secrets of Scoring

LONDON — Simon Boswell, who takes part in Raindance Film Festival’s In Conversation event

5 Easy Tips for Achieving Day for Night

“The key is knowing when and where you can get away with it.” Noam

Why CG Sucks (Except It Doesn’t)

YouTuber Freddie Wong presents “Why CG Sucks (Except It Doesn’t)” in the first in

Tech & Trade Tuesdays: The Industry Has A[nother] Dark Side

I don’t ask for much in my line of work. A comfortable chair, computers

Industry Pulse Wednesdays: Introducing the Post Lab

Hey guys, Sam here… it’s been a crazy last few months, and honestly, it’s

Watch: The Future of Acting in the Technological Age

In the 2013 film “The Congress,” Hollywood studios digitally scan actors and then make

We’re Up To Something

It’s been a little while since I’ve stepped in for Chad to write the

Rules of the Screenmovie: The Unfriended Manifesto for the Digital Age

The digital world is rapidly taking over as the predominant environment for our waking

Watch: Tips on Tackling the Post-Production Gender Gap

A panel at NAB discussed the dearth of women in post-production jobs and how

Premiere Pro Tutorial: Using the ‘Set Matte’ Effect to Create Badass Titles in Seconds

Adding titles may not be the most exciting of your post-production process, but that’s not

Vimeo Uploads With Copyright Material Will Now Be Flagged Automatically, Even If It’s Licensed

You may already be familiar with YouTube’s copyright protection software, which scans all uploads to

10 Unconventional Steps to Get Your Indie Film Out in the World

Where do you go after winning the Palme d’Or at Cannes for your first

DCC042 – We Make Movies (feat. Sam Mestman)

Have you ever tried to get your movie made? You aren’t alone. Sam Mestman

How To Kill a Baby

DISCLAIMER: This DevelopMental Breakdown is about maintaining uncompromising creative standards, and not about killing

If You’re Making Films with Still Images, Here Are a Few Things to Consider

Famed director David Lean once said that one should be able to cut any frame out of

The Art of (Women and) Film Editing with Dede Allen and Thelma Schoonmaker

As David Lean said, “The editor is the final author of the film.” These

Alfonso Cuarón Takes Us on a Journey Through Each Stage of Production for ‘Gravity’

October belonged to director Alfonso Cuarón and his groundbreaking film Gravity. Not only did the film

Why Final Cut Pro X Works and An Introduction to FCPWORKS

Sam Mestman has no doubt that FCPX works, so confident that he is organising

Video: Inside the World of ADR with Dub Master Doc Kane

There are plenty of reasons why a filmmaker may need some ADR (Automated/Additional Dialog

How to Recreate the Title Sequences from 3 Hollywood Films Using (Primarily) After Effects

Nailing the opening title of your film is important for a number of reasons. Usually it’s

iZotope RX 3 Turns Picture Editors Into Audio Editors

We Make Movies’ Sam Mestman reviews the iZotope RX 3 for this week’s DIY

Everything You Need to Know About Color in the Digital Age

Color is one of the most important and powerful visual tools through which filmmakers

‘All That Jazz’ Restoration: Before and After

A new version of Bob Fosse’s 1979 musical in 4K resolution had its premiere