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Female-Driven Movies Make Money, So Why Aren’t More Being Made?

It’s good business to cast strong women in lead movie roles. Last summer’s opening

How James Dean Changed Acting Forever

The cinematic male lead would never be the same after Dean appeared on the

Beat It: How to Develop the Story Beats in Your Screenplay

On the surface, directing doesn’t seem to require any tangible skills. Think about it:

How a Movement in Chile Is Transforming Film Worldwide

CHANCES ARE YOU haven’t heard much about The Stranger—it’s been hard to pick up

Tribeca, Lionsgate Launch ‘Shortlist’ Movie SVOD Service With a Human Touch

Streaming service to include 150 curated titles monthly, with lists from guest actors and

A Better Budget: The Beginner’s Guide to Planning an Indie Budget

A typical feature budget has 30 to 40 categories, anywhere from 250 to 300-plus

The Top 10 Acting Myths

1) You can play anything. You may have heard this from a well-meaning acting


The Avengers has Nick Fury. Wu-Tang Clan has the RZA. And Broken Lizard, the

First Draft: 12 Screenplay Contests to Consider

We took a poll of several Hollywood executives to get their perspective on the

Entertainment CEOs Call on India to Accelerate Digital Transformation

A New York roundtable, hosted by Rupert Murdoch for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

British Film Composer Simon Boswell Reveals Secrets of Scoring

LONDON — Simon Boswell, who takes part in Raindance Film Festival’s In Conversation event

Tom Hanks On Adapting In His Acting Career

Tom Hanks is among the Hollywood elite known for having a remarkably prolific career

“Happy Birthday” Copyright Ruled to Be Invalid

A judge grants summary judgment to a filmmaker challenging Warner/Chappell’s copyright to a song

Paradise Lost: Why New Movies Make Us Love Old Movies More

Given the luxurious privilege of having my diary of life among the superstars,Starflacker, excerpted

The ‘Golden Age for Women in TV’ Is Actually a Rerun

Los Angeles — NOT long ago, I recommended a young woman for a job

IMAX Theaters to Expand Into Movie Production

Homegrown programming would to plug gaps in the calendar when Hollywood isn’t producing blockbusters,

The Indie-Friendly Business List 2015: 25 Companies You Should Know

This year’s indie-friendly business list takes to the digital frontiers of efficient independent moviemaking.

How Actors Can Save the Film Industry

See if this plot sounds familiar: An evil corruption has swept over the land

How to Use the ‘Rule of Three’ to Create Engaging Content

What’s so magical about the number three? It’s no accident that the number three


One of the main differences that distinguishes amateurs from professional writers is that amateurs

One Way or Another: Why I Released My Film for Free on YouTube

Within the independent film world, prestige is the name of the game. It’s all

Changing Your Career by Changing Your Vocabulary

Struggling, sacrificing, and suffering…are three words that you should never use to describe yourself

What Cinematographers Can Learn from Comic Book Artists

“In art school I taught a course called the Cinematography in Comics, and my

Apple Eyes Move Into Original Programming

The moment the media and technology industries have been expecting for years may finally


Last week we introduced the updated Social Media Handbook 2.0  and focused on 10

5 Easy Tips for Achieving Day for Night

“The key is knowing when and where you can get away with it.” Noam