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Neuroscientist Poppy Crum was watching a video of a fire dancer when she had

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Moviemaker Chad Kapper sees the future of filmmaking as a new paradigm, where entertainment

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Vimeo Announces New Slate of Original Series

This morning, Vimeo announced a new slate of “Vimeo Originals,” serialized and short form

Tribeca, Lionsgate Launch ‘Shortlist’ Movie SVOD Service With a Human Touch

Streaming service to include 150 curated titles monthly, with lists from guest actors and

Entertainment CEOs Call on India to Accelerate Digital Transformation

A New York roundtable, hosted by Rupert Murdoch for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

The Indie-Friendly Business List 2015: 25 Companies You Should Know

This year’s indie-friendly business list takes to the digital frontiers of efficient independent moviemaking.

Apple Eyes Move Into Original Programming

The moment the media and technology industries have been expecting for years may finally

Why CG Sucks (Except It Doesn’t)

YouTuber Freddie Wong presents “Why CG Sucks (Except It Doesn’t)” in the first in

Hulu Explores Adding Ad-Free Option to Its Service

Hulu is exploring plans to add an advertising-free option to its service, according to

Video On Demand Platform Yekra Shuts Down

A company that offered studios and filmmakers a platform on which they could sell

How the DP Behind Sundance Hit ‘Tangerine’ Created a Cinematic Look with an iPhone

Radium Cheung, HKSC, talks to Indiewire about how and why he used a mobile

LeTV Bets on Expat Content for Its U.S. Phone Debut

Chinese Internet TV giant LeTV plans to start selling phones in the U.S. later

Tech & Trade Tuesdays: The Industry Has A[nother] Dark Side

I don’t ask for much in my line of work. A comfortable chair, computers

Make A 360-Degree Movie At Home

The world isn’t flat, so why should our videos be? Welcome to the latest

Tech & Trade Tuesday: avoiding spoilers in a digital world

if you’re active on social media and also the fan of a popular show,

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Periscope aren’t just really adorable names for your new kittens, they’re new apps that

New Media Mondays: 6 Reasons Your Online Project Tanked

Far too often, I see web series, comedy shorts, or fundraising videos fall short

Industry Pulse Wednesdays: Introducing the Post Lab

Hey guys, Sam here… it’s been a crazy last few months, and honestly, it’s

tech & trade tuesdays: prepare for virtual reality … now

it is my very strong opinion that content creators and filmmakers need to prepare

Watch: The Future of Acting in the Technological Age

In the 2013 film “The Congress,” Hollywood studios digitally scan actors and then make

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Use Slate’s calculator to see if dropping cable TV and paying for streaming services

How Hollywood Monitors Social Media To Help Movies Make Money

If you are one of the estimated 56% of movie-going Twitter users who takes to

We’re Up To Something

It’s been a little while since I’ve stepped in for Chad to write the

Rules of the Screenmovie: The Unfriended Manifesto for the Digital Age

The digital world is rapidly taking over as the predominant environment for our waking

Make Your Smartphone Smarter: What Goes in Your iPhone Filmmaking Kit?

“Shot on a smartphone” rarely means just a smartphone. So what goes in your