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Tribeca, Lionsgate Launch ‘Shortlist’ Movie SVOD Service With a Human Touch

Streaming service to include 150 curated titles monthly, with lists from guest actors and

The Indie-Friendly Business List 2015: 25 Companies You Should Know

This year’s indie-friendly business list takes to the digital frontiers of efficient independent moviemaking.

Tech & Trade Tuesdays: The Industry Has A[nother] Dark Side

I don’t ask for much in my line of work. A comfortable chair, computers

Make A 360-Degree Movie At Home

The world isn’t flat, so why should our videos be? Welcome to the latest

Industry Pulse Wednesdays: Introducing the Post Lab

Hey guys, Sam here… it’s been a crazy last few months, and honestly, it’s

tech & trade tuesdays: prepare for virtual reality … now

it is my very strong opinion that content creators and filmmakers need to prepare

Should You Cut the Cord?

Use Slate’s calculator to see if dropping cable TV and paying for streaming services

We’re Up To Something

It’s been a little while since I’ve stepped in for Chad to write the

Make Your Smartphone Smarter: What Goes in Your iPhone Filmmaking Kit?

“Shot on a smartphone” rarely means just a smartphone. So what goes in your

A BTS Look at Using a Drone Mounted LED Rig to Light a Night Shoot

Using two Black Armored Hexacopters, a RED Epic and an LED lighting rig, aerial

From The Lens: 9 Visual Styles In One Shot

An important lesson I’m sure many film and videomakers have come to learn is

Find out How to Create Cheap Backyard Foley from ‘Last of Us’ Sound Designer Rob Krekel

If you’re just starting out as a filmmaker, or more specifically, a sound designer,

Do Human Eyes ‘See’ Like Cameras? A Look at the Resolution & Frame Rate of Vision

Cameras are the “eyes” of cinema, recognizing, capturing, and processing images at certain frame

Will 2014 Be the Year That Smartphone Filmmaking Goes Mainstream?

Over the last century, each generation of technology revolutionized filmmaking. But with the smartphone

Everything You Need to Know About the Dolly Zoom

The dolly zoom, also referred to as the Vertigo effect or a Zolly shot,

Tech Review: On Set with Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera

A working cinematographer puts Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera through its paces, finding it a superb

The Year in Gear: Goodbye 2013, Here Comes 2014K

It is perhaps indicative of how low-key this year was that when I first

A Jib & Handheld Stabilizer All in One: Digital Juice Introduces the Transformable Gemini

Something as simple as moving your camera will add not only the kinetic energy

POV’s 2013 Documentary Filmmaking Equipment Survey

POV asked documentarians to share their experiences with equipment and documentary tools – from

Fuji X100S First Look – Has the Hipster Camera Got Real?

The old X100 was fatally flawed in my view. Manual focus with a massive

How I Learned To Build An Avid Editing Bay For Under $1,500

On some low-budget sets, they have what is called a “skeleton crew,” which is


Cinema Secrets innovated the world’s smallest grooming scissors to make “plucking” stray hairs on

It’s Alive! First Cinema DNG Frames from the Digital Bolex

We just got back from Toronto, and we have news and images to show

Two Pretty Amazing Shots with the MōVI and the RED Epic Infra Red in 5K

That ONE shot you missed… the one you will never forgive yourself for missing…

Engineers Eye-Up Insect Biology As Inspiration For Curved Camera

Engineers have developed a curved camera designed to mimic insects’ compound eyes. The hemispherical

All I Want For Christmas

You have no idea how aroused I am right now.