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Bulletins from the future

The internet has turned the news industry upside down, making it more participatory, social,

Groundhog Decade

Hollywood is about to repeat the catastrophic mistakes of the music industry. By Bill

TV Networks Pull Back On Original Web Content

NEW YORK — Around 2007, TV networks made a land rush to the Web,

Why TV Companies Couldn’t Care Less About Original Online Video

The rise and proliferation of cable grew the total pie for television, leaving networks

Is Netflix killing DVDs like Apple killed floppies?

Big Champagne CEO Eric Garland has seen Netflix’s price hike in many different forms

7/3/11 – Chad

This article reposted from blogfreako.com, the on-going, real-life story of superfreako productions. distribution, channels

I WOKE UP FAT -or- How to Not Do it Alone

Okay, this is in no way meant to be the end all list of

Saying It Better Than We Could Say It: Why movies Stopped Being Good

Here’s a great article in GQ explaining better than we can what the hell

Dr. Snuggle Bunny: Relationship Advice

You write, you tell me your problems/why you cannot love. I give advice that

How to Write, Act, Direct and Produce -or- How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Blowing Up Myself / Others

What did Lawrence from Office Space say he’d do with a million dollars –

Why Film Festivals Suck and How To Make Them Better

by Sam Mestman Okay, I want you to close your eyes now and picture…