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What’s still missing after the 10.0.6 update

Final Cut Pro X is my NLE of choice after editing with and teaching FCP

Clients Aren’t The Enemy

There seems to be a good amount of disdain for clients within the creative

What’s the next technology that will change the way you watch movies?

Motion-capture has totally altered our movie-going experience in just a few years. From the

Why Some Bloody Cuts Are Better Than Others.

Uk purveyors of Horror, Bloody Cuts, have certainly made a impression in recent months. With a

Don’t buy a jumbo LCD TV, buy a projector

With all the hype and hoopla about Sharp’s 80-, and now 90-inch LCDs, I

Paramount Thinks That Louis CK Making $1 Million In 12 Days Means He’s Not Monetizing

One of the more annoying things about debates on copyright law, is that when

really awesome Ted Talk

thanks for Jen Flaks for hooking us up with this. you should definitely watch

The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time

Why is it that between 25% and 50% of people report feeling overwhelmed or burned

Will Avid be the company selling out editors?

OK, it’s a provocative headline, and while I don’t for a minute think Avid

Is Final Cut Pro X going to do to video what Gutenberg did with printing?

We think we are right in the middle of a revolution in media. This

Are Successful People Nice?

Since Daniel Goleman‘s Emotional Intelligence, we’ve recognized the importance of tuning into social and emotional factors in the

The Great Divide

Monday marked the conclusion of principal photography for another installment of “They Live Among Us.”

Hollywood 2.0: The Independent Filmmaker as Small Business Owner

The following essay will be political. Not in a partisan way, I hope. But

Why do production pressures favor Final Cut Pro X?

I was watching the highly recommended Editor’s Lounge series of videos from the Why we

To buy a Scarlet or not to buy, that is the question…

I feel this is a really important blog post, as I am reading in

Stop Competing to Be the Best

With Cyber Monday, the tablet wars kicked into full swing. Which one is the best? Is


Well, it’s official. My movie, The Great Intervention did not make it in to Sundance. That Mecca

SOPA/PROTECT IP must die to protect the MPAA/RIAA from themselves!

I’ve been trying to find a way to write about his appalling piece of

Game Reset: The FCP X fallout has been a blessing in disguise.

Why? Because like so many other editors I will be learning Premier Pro. Don’t

The last nail in celluloid’s coffin and the dcinema plateau? What’s next?

After an interesting flurry of tweets this morning with my friend Yves Simard (http://www.crews.tv,

Why Hollywood keeps whitewashing the past

“The Help” is just the latest movie to sugarcoat oppression by painting enlightened white

Writers in Hollywood

To the writing of his detective stories RAYMOND CHANDLER brings the experience and the

7/3/11 – Chad

This article reposted from blogfreako.com, the on-going, real-life story of superfreako productions. distribution, channels

I WOKE UP FAT -or- How to Not Do it Alone

Okay, this is in no way meant to be the end all list of

Saying It Better Than We Could Say It: Why movies Stopped Being Good

Here’s a great article in GQ explaining better than we can what the hell

Dr. Snuggle Bunny: Relationship Advice

You write, you tell me your problems/why you cannot love. I give advice that