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“So You Think It Would Be Fun To Take Your Film To Festivals”: PART 2

Click here for the first part of this series. GETTING READY TO SUBMIT (Not

To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind In Life

Editor’ s Note: While this is not an article directly related to our industry,

No More Excuses: Adam Rifkin on Why You Should Grab Your Film by the Horns, Now

Movies are my life. Literally. Making movies is the only job I’ve ever had,

Critic’s Notebook: When Every Fox Show Becomes a Procedural, It Gets Very Boring

For the 2015-16 season, Fox has or has had seven dramas in which the

Hollywood’s Issue With Diversity Goes Beyond The Oscars Boycott

Last year when the Oscar nominations were announced, I was, like most Black people,

George Clooney on White Oscars: ‘We’re Moving in the Wrong Direction’

Last week, for the second consecutive year, the Oscars nominated 20 white actors as

David Oyelowo Goes Off on Oscars: “I Am an Academy Member and It Doesn’t Reflect Me”

“For 20 opportunities to celebrate actors of color, actresses of color, to be missed

If You Love This Awards Season Movie, Try This Lesser-Known Indie Movie

From MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and WHITE GOD to ROOM and FELT, these cinematic

3 Things to Avoid When Directing Films – David Fincher

According to David Fincher, do you have any guesses about what the top 3

Hollywood Inequality Made Headlines In 2015 But Did We Make Any Real Progress?

I’ve been writing about culture for six years, four and a half of them

Social Media for Moviemakers: Everything You Always Wanted to Know

Keeping up with your crazy cousins, reconnecting with your high-school crush, maybe even documenting

What visionary directors really have to gain from making Marvel or ‘Star Wars’ movies

I appear to have upset a number of readers yesterday by suggesting that I

David Fincher and Martin Scorsese on why Hitchcock was more than the Master of Suspense

Director David Fincher was 7 when he saw the film book “Hitchcock/Truffaut” on his

7-Minute Video Essay Explores The Differences In The Film Or The Novel

If your answer to the question “the film or the novel?” is “whichever one

The Developmental Breakdown: Online Networking

In “Service Means Citizenship” and “Basics of Audience-Building,” I explore the ways in which

25 New Faces of Independent Film (2015)

Filmmaker Magazine features a list of up-and-coming filmmakers every year and this year is no

Julianne Moore, Christine Vachon, and More Team Up with Tribeca and Chanel to Support Women Filmmakers

Through Her Lens, a three-day program for U.S.-based female writers and directors, culminates in

How Can Middle Class Filmmakers Make a Living?

“I am the 99 percent…in Hollywood.” The income disparity in this country, which is

Paradise Lost: Why New Movies Make Us Love Old Movies More

Given the luxurious privilege of having my diary of life among the superstars,Starflacker, excerpted

You Will Find Your People: Emily Best

Emily Best is the founder and CEO of Seed&Spark, a crowdfunding and distribution platform

Michael Douglas Knows Why Young American Actors Aren’t Getting Roles

With a long career, Michael Douglas certainly knows what it takes to carry oneself

YouTube’s Kian Lawley Talks ‘The Chosen’ And Why Making A Movie Was ‘Terrifying’

After gaining fame as part of the now defunct YouTube supergroup Our2ndLife, Kian Lawley

The Romantic Comedy Is Having a Revolution — And It’s Happening on TV

Everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure genre is getting funnier, weirder and more authentic. Here’s why

A Female Producer Explains 4 Ways Women Get a Raw Deal in Hollywood

By this point, it’s been well established that women who work in film have

How Back to the Future Almost Didn’t Get Made

For the movie’s 30th anniversary, co-writer Bob Gale tells the story of production nightmares,


When Bridesmaids came out in 2011, Hollywood seemed taken by surprise at its immediate