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The Editing of “Courageous” Part One

Last October, I had the rare opportunity to edit a feature film called “Courageous,”

The Secret World of Colour Correction – Part 1

The idea and the reality of colour correction looms for many people as a

Shooting with RED Epic #1: How to Properly Calibrate Black Shading

The bane of any camera assistant’s existence with the RED One has always been the long

Editing Effect Templates in Final Cut Pro X

If you are a Final Cut Pro X user, you may find that certain

YouTube Partner Image Map Banner Tutorial

This tutorial is to help YouTube partners have a banner at the top of

Eye Shapes in Makeup Artistry

Understanding the portions of the face and body will lead you to the art

First time Filmmaker F-Up #59 – Dialogue Is Recorded on Set

What looping is and why it will save your movie! The F-Up… Discovering looping

HD Monitor Calibration – SMPTE, ARIB, and White Balance

I haven’t spent a whole lot of time revisting old entries on this site.

A RED post production workflow

When you work with RED Digital Cinema’s cameras, part of the post production workflow is

The art of “lens whacking”, real lights leaks and ones done in post.

James Miller is a talented guy. Apart from designing a lot of my graphics

LESSON FOUR – Dissecting Distribution: The Alternative Distribution Landscape

Welcome to Lesson Four of Dissecting Distribution. This four-part course was conceived to give

Build A Jib From 5 Pieces of Scrap

If you are doing any videography, a jib (or a crane) is probably the

RED Workflow: How to Get REDCINE-X and Premiere Pro Working Together Seamlessly

One thing I’ve been wondering about since getting a RED was what I was

Round Trip Between Avid Media Composer and Davinci Resolve

If you use or are thinking about getting Avid Media Composer and Davince Resolve,

DSLR Lighting techniques from Eve Hazelton

This is the first of the lighting techniques tutorials that Eve Hazelton made for PhilipBloom.net. It

Did you know MPEG Streamclip could convert YouTube videos?

File this post under “how in the hell did I not know MPEG Streamclip

5 Minutes To A Better Mix II: Volume Fader EQ – Part 1 of 31

This tutorial is created by the people at TheRecordingRevolution.com and it is the 1st

Build a Kino Flo style light for $100 in 3 hours

The guys from ‘The Underwater Realm’ have created a super cheap way to “do

Complete Greenscreen with Eve Hazelton

This is a great tutorial on lighting. It covers taking notes while shooting the

PluralEyes beta for Final Cut Pro X released

We first saw this yesterday, but we have been waiting for a download link.

LIGHTING STRATEGIES: Placing a Hard Key Light

The most important thing you will ever learn about lighting is this: LIGHTING IS

A guide to using twixtor

In the video DSLR era, slow motion has become extremely popular. For most of

100 Best AE Tutorials #99 – Depth Charge

Who knows how many times you might need to create a depth charge explosion,

From Crumplepop: 1000fps by shooting 60p and using Apple Motion’s Optical Flow

This is a very simple tutorial by CrumplePop on using the Final Cut Suite

100 Best AE Tutorials #100 – Surreal Outer Space Nebula

You don’t need to be an astronaut to enjoy a breathtaking celestial scene… you

How to Stage and Shoot a Movie Fight Scene

Almost every film today has some sort of obligatory fight scene between the good guy and