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Hollywood Still Resisting The Idea That Cheaper, Better Films Is The Way To Beat TV

Over the weekend, the NY Times had an article about how the movie industry

How Do I Sell My Movie On Amazon?

If you ever asked yourself: How do I market my movie? You are not

Using Analytics to Predict Hollywood Blockbusters

While summer blockbusters like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises saw record highs, Hollywood recently set a

The Video On Demand Revolution

In the food chain of the entertainment industry, distributing a film on the internet

Dozens Of Films Find Distribution At Toronto International Film Festival

Upwards of 40 films were sold at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, according

We want your Film!

Send us your film and see if you’re Hollywood’s next biggest and brightest talent.

Need to Project in a Digital Theater? Make a Digital Cinema Package for Cheap with OpenDCP

The dream of any independent filmmaker is to one day project their film in

Why Vimeo Is the Web Video Platform to Watch (in Full-Screen HD!)

“The end of the beginning starts now.” Vimeo’s intriguing tagline for their 2012 Festival and Awards places the

Meet Tom Lowe, The Filmmaker Who Talked Back To The Pirate Bay

On June 6, 2012, filmmaker Tom Lowe found his film, Timescapes, on The Pirate Bay. His response

How to Get Your Short Film on IMDB (the Unofficial Guide)

There’s a lot of confusion and nonsense about how to get a project listed

Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Enterprises Partners with Maker Studios on YouTube Channel

There’s a refrain executives who aren’t employed by Google utter while on stage presenting

With Tugg, people can pick movies to show at local theaters

Nearly 400 people crammed into an auditorium at the Chinese 6 Theatres in the

Hulu Announces Four More Original Series, Bringing Total Lineup To Seven

Hulu has been having a busy week. On Tuesday, the company announced a new deal

Netflix bullish on original content

Even if only a small percentage of the $3.9 billion that Netflix spent on

How Much Money Animated Shorts Earn on YouTube

When I speak to indie filmmakers, there’s always a lot of confusion about the

a very cool film festival

if you’re already familiar with our general opinion of film festivals today, you might

Online Film Viewing in U.S. to Top Discs in 2012

Online movie viewing in the U.S. will exceed digital video disc and Blu-ray use

Gravitas Ventures and Variance Films Team up to Acquire and Co-Release 7-8 Films a year in Theaters and on Video On Demand

Gravitas Ventures and Variance Films have joined forces to acquire and co-release 7-8 independent

LESSON FOUR – Dissecting Distribution: The Alternative Distribution Landscape

Welcome to Lesson Four of Dissecting Distribution. This four-part course was conceived to give

The Amazon movie revolution … one year on

There is something wrong with modern Hollywood – we can agree on that. Too


Distribution: the holy grail of independent film. These days no one, not even the

Lious CK live at The Beacon

This article is a little behind schedule, but it is still pertinent to options


MY REINCARNATION shows how a well-executed crowdfunding campaign can be used to maximize distribution. In

‘Tree of Life’ Judgment Reveals Nasty Legal Fight Over Oscar Contender (Exclusive)

Terrence Malick‘s Tree of Life has grossed $54 million worldwide and continues to enjoy strong Oscar

Louis C.K. Profits $200K From Online Special — So Far

After working with HBO, Showtime, and Comedy Central on his last three specials, the


MY REINCARNATION shows how a well-executed crowdfunding campaign can be used to maximize distribution. In