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FCC Chairman Genachowski on board with usage pricing for broadband

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski said he supports cable and telecommunication companies adopting

Mobcaster, a new crowd-funding resource for filmmakers

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the two main crowd-funding resources for film makers and entrepreneurs around the world, but

How Much Money Animated Shorts Earn on YouTube

When I speak to indie filmmakers, there’s always a lot of confusion about the

Hollywood Pitch Festival

I did this two years ago and it was amazing. I made some good

Chris Dodd Rewrites Hollywood’s History To Pretend That It Came About Because Of IP Laws

Ah, Chris Dodd. Can you open your mouth without saying something ridiculously misleading? Sometimes,


In one of the most widely watched and significant developments in film finance in

“Lonaconing” – the first WMM:Slate Two film spotlight

here’s the first WMM:Slate Two Kickstarter film spotlight update featuring “Lonaconing”. the writer and

From small seeds big things grow

‘We Make Movies’  recently premiered ‘Last Days: ante diem’, the first of a series

Seeing Beyond the Numbers

Traditional accounting practices, or at least the ways that many business owners interpret the


Planning on making a film? Using private equity to finance it? Then you need

Writing a Compelling Independent Film Prospectus to Entice Investors

The fun part of your pre-production process is over and now it’s time to

$50 Follow Focus

Check out this very reasonably priced follow focus. It looks pretty awesome and won’t

SeeFlik: Searching for the Next Great Filmmaker

hello all! hope you’re having a wonderful New Years Eve (or New Year, if


MY REINCARNATION shows how a well-executed crowdfunding campaign can be used to maximize distribution. In

Financing Your MicroBudget Film: A Crowdfunding Case Study

In this case study, filmmakers J.T. Arbogast and Kimberly Dilts discuss how they turned

holy crap! go Vivz!

so apparently, WMM’s own Vivian Kerr, launched a kickstarter campaign for her project ‘Lines’

And our winner is… Sam Ingraffia’s “Silent Night in Muncie”!

  “Silent Night In Muncie” Wins The WMM Kickstarter Extra Film Competition Congratulations to

Secret Lives of Great Filmmakers

Secret Lives of Great Filmmakers Book review on an insanely entertaining (and ultimately informative)

Riding The Alligator: Strategies For A Career In Screenwriting

Riding The Alligator: Strategies For A Career In Screenwriting Click the link above for

A Response To Felicia Day On How Video Gets Funded In A Fragmented, Digital World

Mark asked us to weigh in on an interesting post on Google+ by Felicia

Three authors, three examples of the disruption in publishing

While at the recent Comic-Con convention, I attended a number of panels featuring a

Interview: How One Cartoonist’s Colleagues Used RocketHub to CrowdFund Her Surgery

Sure, you can crowdfund a movie, an album or a book. But can you

How much money does it really take to make a documentary?

Longtime documentary filmmaker Kevin Knoblock has a set of tips in Script, the online

the deadline is approaching!

11:59pm on August 1st is getting closer and closer! that’s the deadline for our

An investor’s POV – Todd Dagres

Todd has produced several independent films (including the Sundance entry ‘TransSiberian’ this year), but

Advice on getting your film financed by Lonnie Ramati

Slightly off topic for a friday, but these three videos on Lonnie Ramati talking