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How to Crowdfund an Oscar Winning Movie

Crowdfunding has become a successful strategy for filmmakers to raise money to make their movies. If

Online Video 101 For Small Business: Video Marketing for SMBs FREE E-Book

For most of our readers, video is something you deal with on a daily

Letter From Sundance: Can Investors Really Profit From An Independent Film?

After discussing last week Where To Find Investors For Your Film, the next question you are

How To Find Investors For Your Film

At the moment, I’m working with a handful of clients all at the same

Tax Tips for Filmmakers

It’s getting close to tax time again. As I prep stuff to send off


“Let’s start before we kill the term,” joked Jakob Hogel during the opening moments

help us win $100,000 in marketing services

Blue Collar Interactive has turned the traditional agency pitch process on its ear with

Juntobox Films Announces Partnership With Indiegogo to Help Crowdfund and Produce Independent Films

JuntoBoxFilms, a collaborative film studio for filmmakers and fans, announced today it is joining forces

Using Analytics to Predict Hollywood Blockbusters

While summer blockbusters like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises saw record highs, Hollywood recently set a

YouTube adds more channels in original content expansion

Acting more like a TV network every day, YouTube says it will pay money

Lockitron Announces New Keyless Deadbolt Entry and Remote Locking for iPhone

This might not be directly related to independent fim making, but since we rely

Independent Film Financing Venture, Slated, Unveils Alliances

The fledgling operation offers a novel way for independent filmmakers to attract funding. They

12 Things I Know About Business at 55 That I Wish I’d Known at 25

Thirty years ago I accidentally started a business. As a 25 year old disc

Corel acquires Avid consumer video editing line

Corel has announced that it has acquired Avid’s consumer video editing product lines, including

Martin Scorsese to abandon film to shoot movies digitally

Martin Scorsese is to abandon shooting movies on film and turn to digital, after

Netflix just became cable’s biggest TV network

Netflix streamed one billion hours to its subscribers in June, according to a note

Avid does the opposite to Motley fool analyst’s advice

Just weeks after Motley Fool analyst Anders Bylund wrote: “The company just published preliminary results for

The Art of Getting Paid

This is a pretty long video, but it is full of great information about

If You’re Expecting The TV Industry To Just ‘Collapse’, Keep Dreaming

The Internet has already changed the television industry significantly, and will continue to do

Why You’re Broke and Other Video Professionals Aren’t

As I’m writing this, I’m strapping on the armor because I know the title

It’s Time To Kill Off Broadcast TV

It’s time to take over-the-air television out and shoot it. You may have noticed

iMacs to replace desktops, moving closer.

A few weeks ago I mused on replacing my Mac Pros with iMacs in part because

The TV business may be starting to collapse; Can Apple rebuild it?

There has been a dramatic shift in user behavior when it come to TV

Cutting Through Bureaucratic Red Tape

One of the highlights at last month’s Technology Summit on Cinema was the laser

Don’t Mean To Be Alarmist, But The TV Business May Be Starting To Collapse

In the first decade of the commercial Internet–the 1990s and early 2000s–there were frequent