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Matthew McConaughey Talks “Behaving, Not Acting” in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ UPDATED (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

The last time I sat down with Gotham Best Actor-winner Matthew McConaughey, almost a year

Tips for Navigating Digital Distribution

1.  CARVE OUT DIY DIGITAL: Distributors and Foreign Sales companies alike often want ALL

15 Reasons We Should Be Thankful for Indie Film in 2013

In honor of Thanksgiving, film producer Ted Hope, who is stepping down as executive director of San

John Landis Rails Against Studios: ‘They’re Not in the Movie Business Anymore’

At the Mar del Plata fest, the “Animal House” director decried “vampire” tech giants

Visual Effects Artists to Protest Obama’s DreamWorks Animation Visit

‘Green Shirt’ rally to call attention to outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries As

BBC and China Central TV to Open Story Development Center

State broadcast giants seek documentary, live event collaboration. HONG KONG — The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Adding Subtitles to Your Movie Will Make You More Money

As the tools available to the independent filmmaker expand and improve, so do a

You Will Never Be An Insider In The Industry

This week’s article is a guest post from actor, director + acting coach Craig Archibald

5 Ways To Prepare For Pilot Season Right Now!

Think you’ve got plenty of time to get ready for pilot season? Think again. With

Learn About Taking Meetings & the Development Process from the Austin Film Festival

One of the most important career skills a screenwriter should learn is how to

Applying For Production Jobs? Here Are a Few Tips to Make Your Resume Shine

Sending out job applications for production work can be both tremendously exciting and nerve-racking

Why Movie Theaters Can Ignore NC-17 Ratings

New York’s IFC Center will allow teens to see ‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’

Participant Media: Jeff Skoll’s Unorthodox Business Model Has People Talking

Shingle has been involved in making (and co-funding) some 40 films including “Lincoln,” “The

Underground Film History 1968: Underground Film Business Booming

From The Victoria Advocate, Sunday, Jan. 21, 1968. Article text: Wild Is the Word

The Best Possible Example of How Not to Do Kickstarter

This is probably the worst Kickstarter campaign ever made. Granted, it doesn’t have pay-me-to-stalk-Adam-Sandler comic appeal

Increased Digital Distribution Boosts Chinese Film, TV Royalties

Earnings from copyrighted content are expected to reach a record $516 million this year,

‘British Film Industry Has Never Been Better’: Director Paul Greengrass Opens London Film Festival 2013

The Bourne Supremacy director said Britain is regularly attracting the best filmmaking talent The best

Behind the Scenes: Trigonis’ Top Five Indiegogo Film Campaigns

This week on MovieMaker, crowdfunding authority John T. Trigonis, Category Marketing Manager of Film,

Racking Focus: Playing the Long Game With Shorts

Many people are saying that micro-budget features are the new shorts. They’re wrong. You

Red’s Jim Jannard Continues Feud With Cinematographer Geoff Boyle

Jannard addresses critics as he reveals his intention to step back as the “face

10 Strong Directorial Debuts From Actors-Turned-Directors

This week, after a limited but promising initial release, Lake Bell’s directorial debut “In A

Good Pitch Chicago: Invite-Only Documentary Film Funding Forum

On October 22, 2013, Good Pitch Chicago will be giving select documentary projects from the Chicago

please help WMM: Canada / Slate One

our Canadian brothers & sisters have started raising funds for their own slate of

Steven Spielberg Predicts ‘Implosion’ of Film Industry

George Lucas echoed Spielberg’s sentiments at an event touting the opening of a new

Exclusive Video: Top 5 Crowdfunding Controversies from Documentary ‘Kickstarted’

The documentary project “Kickstarted,” which made the news after snagging an in-depth interview with

Pitch Notes

I don’t know what the agents told you, but this isn’t a half-hour. I