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$50 Follow Focus

Check out this very reasonably priced follow focus. It looks pretty awesome and won’t

SeeFlik: Searching for the Next Great Filmmaker

hello all! hope you’re having a wonderful New Years Eve (or New Year, if


MY REINCARNATION shows how a well-executed crowdfunding campaign can be used to maximize distribution. In

Financing Your MicroBudget Film: A Crowdfunding Case Study

In this case study, filmmakers J.T. Arbogast and Kimberly Dilts discuss how they turned

holy crap! go Vivz!

so apparently, WMM’s own Vivian Kerr, launched a kickstarter campaign for her project ‘Lines’

And our winner is… Sam Ingraffia’s “Silent Night in Muncie”!

  “Silent Night In Muncie” Wins The WMM Kickstarter Extra Film Competition Congratulations to

A Response To Felicia Day On How Video Gets Funded In A Fragmented, Digital World

Mark asked us to weigh in on an interesting post on Google+ by Felicia

Interview: How One Cartoonist’s Colleagues Used RocketHub to CrowdFund Her Surgery

Sure, you can crowdfund a movie, an album or a book. But can you

the deadline is approaching!

11:59pm on August 1st is getting closer and closer! that’s the deadline for our

An investor’s POV – Todd Dagres

Todd has produced several independent films (including the Sundance entry ‘TransSiberian’ this year), but

Advice on getting your film financed by Lonnie Ramati

Slightly off topic for a friday, but these three videos on Lonnie Ramati talking

how to raise $100k plus for your film

so … yeah i’m not really qualified to ACTUALLY tell you how to raise

Raising Venture Capital

I’ve pitched maybe 100 times on the entrepreneur’s side of the table and had