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10 Commandments for Directing (& Writing) Comedy from Director David Dobkin

What is the funniest movie you’ve ever seen? Do you lean towards the slapstickiness

How To Shoot B-Roll

The Transom Online Workshop asked videographer/director Slavik Boyechko, of the PBS series INDIE ALASKA, to walk

PROFILED: Brian Gaskill

WMMer Brian Richard Gaskill has enjoyed a fair amount of success as an actor, playing some

On Motivation: Beloved Composer Leonard Bernstein on Why We Create

A journey to the heart of “the mindless, useless, glorious pursuit of artistic truth.”

Forgiveness in the Business

Over the course of The DevelopMental Breakdown, we’ve rigorously explored the expectations and standards

Joyce Tsang of Stillmotion Discusses Choosing the Best Camera to Tell Your Story

When many of us first picked up a camera, it was whatever we had

Sundance: In a World Gone Digital, Indie Filmmakers Reach for 16 mm

“Happy Christmas,” “Listen Up Philip” and “Low Down” are part of an indie trend

Tech Review: On Set with Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera

A working cinematographer puts Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera through its paces, finding it a superb

Telling the Truth Without Paying For It

Adapting a true story for film can be tricky. On the one hand, reality

Are Your Costumes Telling Stories? Take a Look Inside the Costume Design for ‘American Hustle’

Making a film means getting really good at plate spinning, and oftentimes, the plate


HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM WMM! One thing we do here on our site is

How to Choose the Right Commercial Agent for You

There is a difference between getting a commercial agent and choosing  the right one

Producer Adi Shankar’s 13 Rules For Breaking Into Hollywood

Adi Shankar is the producer of several films, including The Grey, Broken City, and

Why Final Cut Pro X Works and An Introduction to FCPWORKS

Sam Mestman has no doubt that FCPX works, so confident that he is organising

9 Tips for Surviving an Independent Film Shoot

Through my experience of working on low budget and independent films for the past


The actress and founder of her namesake Institute on Gender in Media cites data

7 Tips for Crowdfunding Your Event from The Atlanta Film Festival

Chris Holland worked in the film industry for more than a decade. In the


Welcome to Going Bionic #189. There’s exactly three weeks left in 2013, which means now

POV’s 2013 Documentary Filmmaking Equipment Survey

POV asked documentarians to share their experiences with equipment and documentary tools – from

Video: Inside the World of ADR with Dub Master Doc Kane

There are plenty of reasons why a filmmaker may need some ADR (Automated/Additional Dialog

Matthew McConaughey Talks “Behaving, Not Acting” in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ UPDATED (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

The last time I sat down with Gotham Best Actor-winner Matthew McConaughey, almost a year

Commercial Actors Should Never…

Surely there are times actors feel powerless, but the life of an actor is

John Landis Rails Against Studios: ‘They’re Not in the Movie Business Anymore’

At the Mar del Plata fest, the “Animal House” director decried “vampire” tech giants

Mentors: Our Secret Weapon

mentor |ˈmenˌtôr-tər| noun – an experienced and trusted adviser: an experienced person in a company, college, or

Don’t Typecast Yourself

Have you ever gone on an audition, walked into the waiting room, and found

Inside the Dark Literary World of ‘American Beauty’ Screenwriter Alan Ball

Some of the most important screenwriting advice you’ll ever hear is to write what