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Atom Egoyan’s Golden Rules

The Egypt-born, Canada-bred Egoyan has written, directed, produced and edited more than 25 films

Did You Know David Lynch Had a Cartoon Show? He Did, & You Can Watch it Here

David Lynch, despite the reputation he earned with films like Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive, lush tone poems

BREAKING BAD – Motivated Camera Movement

Cinema is a visual art form. It is universal and ubiquitous. The same images

The Story of Story: How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Structure

It is a truism that, “we tell ourselves stories in order to live.“ But, it is remarkable

Need a Storyboard Artist? This May Be the Best Directory of Professional Artists Around

For many filmmakers, the storyboarding process is essential for visualizing and organizing their projects before they

How to Launch a Video – Intro to Video Uploading

by David August Just putting a video online does not guarantee it will get


Written by J. Holtham You have a great idea for a movie. You buckle

Fog, Smoke, & Haze: The Swiss Army Knives of Cinematography Tools

Contrary to popular belief, fog machines are not just helpful tools used to set the mood

5 Things That Tell Me You’re Not A Professional

In today’s post I’m going to do something a little different by just having

WMM Film Geeks #45: Interview with David Salzberg and Christian Tureaud

Garrett, Chad & Michelle are at it again with their latest installment of Film

The Ardavany Approach… To Comedy

 Can you think of a better way to make a living? Causing laughter in

Crowdfunding & Taxes: Kickstarter’s Hidden Bite (& How to Stop the Bleeding)

After months of busting your hump making pitch videos, coming up with rewards, and

WMM’s Creating Space w/ Thomas Ardavany #2

If you are an inspiring, beginning or a full fledged writer/director you’ll appreciate this

10 Story Techniques That Sell Screenplays

The key question that all screenwriters should ask themselves is: how do I write

15 Reasons Why We Cast You!

With input from Casting Directors Christy Faison (on air HBO series, “Boss”), Jami Rudofsky

The Ardavany Approach for WMM: Step Two

Step Two: The Actor & The Camera The camera – The outer eye of

Announcing the 2014 Comedy Script Contest!

We’re excited about this one!  Let’s just get right to it – we’ve lined

Find out How to Create Cheap Backyard Foley from ‘Last of Us’ Sound Designer Rob Krekel

If you’re just starting out as a filmmaker, or more specifically, a sound designer,

Paul Greengrass: David Lean Lecture 2014

The director of Captain Phillips, United 93 and the Bourne series delivers the Academy’s

WMM’s Creating Space w/ Thomas Ardavany #1

Basic Direction  What is it you’re directing? You would be surprised to know that

Five Things Not To Do When Shooting a No-Budget Film By Yourself (And Why I Did Them Anyway)

D.P. Sean Porter’s credits include Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, Eden and, opening on Friday at the IFC Center,

Top 10’s on Criterion Collection

Everybody needs a little inspiration. Ever wonder who inspired your inspirations? From Wes Anderson to

The 3 Types of Characters That Will Ace Your Audition

I always went to acting classes with a mixture of reverence and confusion. Everything

The Ardavany Approach for WMM: Step One

Step One: The Script From the Actor’s Perspective  We must make the script real

How to Know When It’s Time to Give Up Acting

Your ship hasn’t come in. While it feels like you’ve been at this for

6 Tips to Writing Great Female Characters: An Open Letter to My Male Allies

Creating female characters that defy sexist clichés is one of the easiest ways to