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An Actor’s Conversation With… Ajay Jhaveri of Argentum Photo Lab

An indispensable element of any actor’s press kit is The Headshot.  This vital image

chad’s ode to the actor, part 3: closing the deal

let’s say you’re starting a business making cupcakes out of your home kitchen. so

chad’s ode to the actor, part 2: the art of meeting people

there’s a controversial saying in basically any business, but it’s particularly contentious in show

chad’s ode to the actor, part 1: the importance of knowing your casting

back when i was in college, one of my instructors told me about “casting”

How To Transition From Stage Auditions to On-Camera Auditions

By Marci Phillips | Posted Nov. 20, 2012, 5:48 p.m. I remember a time

Top 25 Casting Directors in Film and TV

By Backstage Staff | Posted May 24, 2009, 10:03 p.m. The following is a

An Actor’s Conversation With… Billy DaMota: The Actor’s Casting Director

In this illusive (and some may argue, elusive) land of television and film, there

DIY Actors Spotlight: Ethan Kogan & Jessica Silvetti

Imagine this, actors… You are cast to be in a short film and are given a 160

Student Fringe: Calling all Teachers!

The Hollywood Fringe Festival is delighted and proud to announce Student Fringe, a new

Keeping Your Options Open Could Be Hurting Your Career

Are you the seven-foot superhero, the conniving villain, the strong-willed woman, or the family-man

1/13/12 – Chad

This article reposted from, the on-going, real-life story of superfreako productions. a friend

Things to consider when choosing an acting class

Acting is a muscle. An acting class is one way to keep that acting

Five Phrases That Trigger An Actor’s Performance

Raise the stakes. This also means, “Commit to your intention more strongly.” Make the

Secret Lives of Great Filmmakers

Secret Lives of Great Filmmakers Book review on an insanely entertaining (and ultimately informative)

a really excellent acting/directing teacher – open classes

so if you were at the August 31st workshop, you might remember Keegan Uhl

Everybody agrees

Everybody agrees, there’s a way in. Or at least the people looking for the

Coaching Actors: A “Fine” Job

Teaching actors involves “building tools for general use.” Coaching occurs when the actor “has

I WOKE UP FAT -or- How to Not Do it Alone

Okay, this is in no way meant to be the end all list of

How to Write, Act, Direct and Produce -or- How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Blowing Up Myself / Others

What did Lawrence from Office Space say he’d do with a million dollars –