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Bryan Cranston was once asked to give advice to aspiring actors, and in turn

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On a typically tight indie production, getting any rehearsal time at all is an

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This month is going to seem like I’m pulling out the tough love. A

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Dear Actors, With Thanksgiving just behind us, here is a lovely little reminder that gratitude

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Springtime: a season for rebirth, renewal, reinvention…It is the time just after pilot season

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I’m one of those casting directors that doesn’t mind if actors get the breakdowns

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In this Off Camera clip, Robert Downey Jr. speaks with interviewer Sam Jones about

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This week we bring you a bittersweet look into the world of being a


Your agent sends you the scenes for your audition, and if you’re lucky, the

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The cinematic male lead would never be the same after Dean appeared on the

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1) You can play anything. You may have heard this from a well-meaning acting

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Tom Hanks is among the Hollywood elite known for having a remarkably prolific career

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See if this plot sounds familiar: An evil corruption has swept over the land

Changing Your Career by Changing Your Vocabulary

Struggling, sacrificing, and suffering…are three words that you should never use to describe yourself

Practicing Presence

We are pretty jumpy people these days, allowing ourselves to be pulled in 20

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With a long career, Michael Douglas certainly knows what it takes to carry oneself

4 Tech Skills Every Actor Needs

I’m shocked that many people still don’t know how to use some of the

Top Five

Well, hello actors! I trust you’re having a lovely and slightly restful time leisurely

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Hey actors, I have an admission to make. I have been intending for the

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Need to know how to self-tape your auditions? Michelle breaks it down in this

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Everyone has their own opinions of social media. And everyone has their own personalities.

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For nearly 20 years, Tim Blake Nelson has shoe-horned in his filmmaking alongside a

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It’s Tuesday afternoon and on the way to your bartending-restaurant-yoga teacher survival job, you

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Robert Duvall says acting is simply “talking and listening.” If that’s true, then connection

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You’ve gotten as far as shooting your own reel footage. Huge congrats! Or perhaps,

3 Directing Techniques Actors Can Use to Look Brilliant

Attention filmmakers: As you are no doubt aware, much of your time as filmmakers