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#Starbucks Rage! “Decaf” – WMMSketch #31

I want my First-World problem, and I want it now! Chris Valenti – Writer

“LAST EXIT” – WMM Sketch #31

Mr. Gibson’s not afraid of death, just an awkward funeral… Chris Reynolds – Writer


Worst Response was one of Five movies shot for We Make Movies’ Mobile Film

A Real Housewife Gets a Real Job – WMMSketch #30

Wine throwing, hair pulling, and confessionals: just another day at the office. Laura Mannino

“True Love Stories” – WMM Sketch #29

3 very different couples show how love truly knows no bounds — or boundaries.

“Ghost Coppers – Episode 1” – WMM Sketch #28

Maura Murphy, never believed in ghosts until she got impregnated by one. Now she

“Death of A Van Nuys Car Salesman” – WMMSketch #27

New branded content from Van Nuys Dodge and Jeep (on Ventura Blvd right off

“Amber Alert” – WMMSketch #26

Have you ever met an Amber over the age of 40……? Director – Whit

Halloween Got Real! “Scare Auditions” – WMM Sketch #25

Isn’t the f*cking state of the world scary enough this Halloween?!!? Director/Editor – Scott

“Frankenstein Phone Date” WMM Sketch #24

They’re a match made in hell… Director/Editor – Christopher Frederick – @ChrisGregFred Writer –

“Shrunken Bar” WMM Sketch #23

This bar is Freud’s wet dream… Director/Editor – Sam Mestman – @SamMestman Writer –

Swedish Porn? “Translation Tango ” WMM Sketch #22

Garrett Robinson- Director/Editor – @GarrettRAuthor Eric Altman – Writer/Gordon – @EricDAltman Maureen Chesus –

Show Us Your Boobs! “Online Comment Corrector Infomercial” WMM Sketch #21

Are you a hot girl who’s tired of getting trolled online? Then OCC (Online

The Next Tinder! “Speed Faithing Round 3” WMM Sketch #20 (& 20.5)

Regular people meet with religions to determine where they want to put their faith…we

“No Judgment Brunch” WMM Sketch #19

These women end up sharing WAY more than just the check at this brunch…

Boom Op Gone Wild “Jimmy Paradise Returns” WMM Sketch #18

Jimmy Paradise is a living fucking legend in the film industry… the rest of

Jesus Walks Into A Bar “Speed Faithing Round 2” WMM Sketch #17

ROUND 2! Regular people meet with religions to determine where they want to put

Old School Sitcom Throwback “Misery Date” WMM Sketch #16

If only Full House was this funny. Sam Mestman- Director/Editor – @SamMestman Patrick Duncan

Sexy (painfully recent) Single Chefs! “Top Divorced Chef” WMM Sketch #15

Welcome to the season finale of TOP DIVORCED CHEF! After our 21 formerly-espoused chefs

Puppet Sex! “Pappy and Slappy” WMM Sketch #14

This kids’ show might get a triple X rating… Chad Kukahiko- Director/Editor – @CKukahiko

Like Tinder For Your Soul! “Speed Faithing Round 1” WMM Sketch #13

Regular people meet with religions to determine where they want to put their faith…we

Best Training Video Ever “Corporate Dialects” WMM Sketch #12

Screw the corporate ladder, bullshit your way to the top!   Garrett Robinson- Director/Editor –

“Needy Waitress” WMM Sketch #11

Katie will make sure you’re fully taken care of tonight….even if it’s the last

Let’s Get Some Pussy “Worst Wingman Ever” WMM Sketch #10

Why is a woman who loves porn so hard to find? Sam Mestman- Director/Editor

Cougar Problems “MenoBlaster” – WMM Sketch #9

Don’t mess with this cougar… Or any cougar. Christopher Frederick- Director/Editor – @ChrisGregFred LarJayne Blackwell-

What Would Jesus Bake? “Cooking Through Prayer” WMM Sketch #8

Why settle for takeout when you can let Jesus do all the cooking? Sam