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How We Make Movies – “Breaking A Monster”

Amanda Lippert talks to Luke Meyer (director/writer) about the making of his third documentary

How We Make Movies – “Creedmoria”

We Make Movies is excited to announce that our popular series HOW WE MAKE

HWMM SUNDANCE 2015 and present How We Make Movies at Sundance 2015 HWMM Sundance 2015:

How We Make Movies – SPACE STATION 76

Writer/Director Jack Plotnick and Producer Rachel Ward discuss his latest comedy, SPACE STATION 76,

How We Make Movies – “MISSIONARY”

Director Anthony DiBlasi and Distribution Partner Ryan Turek talk about the making of his

How We Make Movies – “The Moving Picture Co. 1914”

Mark Kirkland is known for his work on The Simpsons, A Letter from Home

How We Make Movies – “American Masters”

Emmy-winning director and photographer Robert Trachtenberg talks about the making of his new documentary

How We Make Movies – “THE CHAIR”

Amanda Lippert interviews writer Dan Schoffler and Producer Josh Shader about the making of

How We Make Movies – “ALTINA”

Director Peter Sanders and editor Clark Harris talk about their documentary ALTINA,  the story

How We Make Movies – “LAYOVER”

Director Joshua Caldwell talks about his film, LAYOVER, which recently premiered at SIFF. It’s

How We Make Movies – “VANISHED”

Director Kate Rees Davies talks about her film, THE VANISHED. Kate is an award

How We Make Movies – “I REMEMBER YOU”

Director Claudia Sparrow and Colorist Leandro Marini discuss the making of their film, I

How We Make Movies – SOUL PANCAKE

Bayan Joonam (Head of Production) and Georgia Koch (Channel Manager) of SoulPancake, discuss bypassing

How We Make Movies – THIS LAST LONELY PLACE: Steve Anderson and Patrick Meade Jones

Director Steve Anderson and DP Patrick Meade Jones discuss  the making of THIS LAST LONELY

How We Make Movies – Among Ravens: Russell Freidenberg & Randy Redroad

Writer/co-director Russell Freidenberg and his co-director Randy Redroad discussing their film, AMONG RAVENS, which

How We Make Movies – Chapel Perilous: Matthew Lessner & David Henry Gerson

Chapel Perilous: Full Interview Chapel Perilous: Process Pitching  Chapel Perilous: Minimizing a Film Budget

How We Make Movies – Friended to Death: Sarah Smick and Ian Michaels

Director/Writer/Actor Sarah Smick and Writer/Actor Ian Michaels discuss their new feature film, FRIENDED TO

How We Make Movies – Bass Casting: Lauren and Jordan Bass

Lauren and Jordan Bass are a brother-sister casting team and the founders of Bass

How We Make Movies – The Hornet’s Nest: Christian Tureaud and David Salzberg

Directors Christian Tureaud and David Salzberg talk about the marketing and shaping the story

How We Make Movies – Drunktown’s Finest: Sydney Freeland and MorningStar Angeline

Writer/Director Sydney Freeland and actress MorningStar Angeline share their experience of shooting Drunktown’s Finest.

How We Make Movies – Break Point: Jeremy Sisto

Welcome Back WMMers! Season 2 of our beloved web series “How We Make Movies”