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WMM Film Geeks Podcast #100: 2015-12-20


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TEN YEARS AGO, Laika could have just as easily named itself “Longshot.” Sure, it

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David Fincher and Martin Scorsese on why Hitchcock was more than the Master of Suspense

Director David Fincher was 7 when he saw the film book “Hitchcock/Truffaut” on his

WMM Film Geeks Podcast #99: 2015-11-15

Chad, Garrett & Michelle host the 99th installment of Film Geeks. Tune in with

Commercial Actors Should Never Half-Ass Their Career

This month is going to seem like I’m pulling out the tough love. A

MovieMaker’s Fourth Annual Guide to Digital Distribution: A Game of Thrones

What a difference a year makes. Independent film distribution has continued its blink-of-an-eye evolution

Theaters Are Messing With Your Senses To Make Movies More Real

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Community-Based Moviemaking Takes Off: Drone Enthusiasts Unite to Create Rotor DR1

Moviemaker Chad Kapper sees the future of filmmaking as a new paradigm, where entertainment

December Rolling Production Fund

Here’s the December 2015 update – the last of the year – to the

Let Practices In Gratitude Elevate Your Auditions

Dear Actors, With Thanksgiving just behind us, here is a lovely little reminder that gratitude

“Always Give Exposition While Running From a Bear”: Drew and John Erick Dowdle on No Escape

For the past few years I’ve been bemoaning the decline of the mid-range genre

How Screenwriters Can Find The Emotional Journey Of Their Characters

“This is not a science or a formula; it is a tool designed to

WMM Film Geeks Podcast #98: 2015-11-15

Garrett & Michelle host the 98th installment of Film Geeks. Tune in with LIVE

Self-Distribution: You Don’t Have to (And Probably Shouldn’t) Do It All Yourself

The Director of Independent Film at Tugg has some thoughts to share on how

Jon M. Chu Weathers Box-Office Disappointment, Advises to Never Say Never

The L.A.-based nonprofit Film Independent put on the three-day conference for independent moviemakers. This

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Twenty years ago, moviegoers witnessed the birth of a new filmmaking technique that would

Will ‘By the Sea’ Kill Hollywood “Favor” Movies?

As Universal and Warner Bros. take hits with films from Angelina Jolie Pitt and

7-Minute Video Essay Explores The Differences In The Film Or The Novel

If your answer to the question “the film or the novel?” is “whichever one