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Cinema Law: What are the Rights of a Documentary Subject?

Q: What rights does the subject of a documentary film have if the film

Entertainment Law: Movie Making – A Tale of Woes.

“We don’t make movies to make money; we make money to make more movies.” –

“Happy Birthday” Copyright Ruled to Be Invalid

A judge grants summary judgment to a filmmaker challenging Warner/Chappell’s copyright to a song

The Real ‘Happy Birthday’ Song Could Soon Make It To Movies And TV

Imagine a world where we can watch actors freely singing “Happy Birthday” on screen.

Cinema Law: Why Using Volunteers is a Risky Way to Keep Costs Down on Your Film

Q: Is it legally permissible for a California LLC to use unpaid labor to

Understanding Copyright Law: Pitches, Facts, Characters and the Ambiguities of Section 102

Gregory Bernstein’s book Understanding the Business of Entertainment, the Legal and Business Essentials All Filmmakers

What Do You Need to Open a Movie? a Post-Distribution Deal Checklist

So you made your film, screened it at a ton of festivals to rave

Netflix’s Ted Sarandos Heckled at Cannes: “You Will Destroy the Film Ecosystem in Europe”

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandoscame under fire from European film protectionists during his

GETTING INTO BED [with a distributer]

You’ve been seeing a lot of each other for a few weeks now. He

Crowdfunding & Taxes: Kickstarter’s Hidden Bite (& How to Stop the Bleeding)

After months of busting your hump making pitch videos, coming up with rewards, and

Telling the Truth Without Paying For It

Adapting a true story for film can be tricky. On the one hand, reality

Tips for Navigating Digital Distribution

1.  CARVE OUT DIY DIGITAL: Distributors and Foreign Sales companies alike often want ALL

Visual Effects Artists to Protest Obama’s DreamWorks Animation Visit

‘Green Shirt’ rally to call attention to outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries As

How Piracy Affects What You See on Netflix

Media piracy has been a thorny issue ever since the turn of the century.

Harlem Shake: Baauer cashes in on viral video’s massive YouTube success

February’s viral hit Harlem Shake relies, in time-honored viral style, on silly dancing and catchy beats.


Hardly a day ever passes that Tom and I are not besieged with phone

Independent Contractor Or Employee

Over the past few months, I have had several conversations with clients about whether

How Amazon Studios is Trying to Get Free Options to Privately Submitted Screenplays

Many aspiring screenwriters want Amazon Studios to be the key to being discovered — a company

Chris Dodd Rewrites Hollywood’s History To Pretend That It Came About Because Of IP Laws

Ah, Chris Dodd. Can you open your mouth without saying something ridiculously misleading? Sometimes,

Why Netflix’s Facebook app would be illegal

Several big-name brands have Facebook apps that instantly blast out users’ activity — the

Music and the Short Film

Although many moviemakers acknowledge the importance of music to the emotional impact of a

Book Review: The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers

I’m sorry that it took me so long to pick up my review copy

How to Buy Video Production Insurance

Insuring Your Video Production Business When producers think of insurance they often think of

Smile, You’re On Everyone’s Camera

Ubiquitious facial-recognition software is coming. By Farhad Manjoo According to the Wall Street Journal,

Download YouTube Videos Legally

If you have any questions regarding the legality of downloading and using YouTube videos