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tech & trade tuesdays: prepare for virtual reality … now

it is my very strong opinion that content creators and filmmakers need to prepare

We’re Up To Something

It’s been a little while since I’ve stepped in for Chad to write the


Let’s talk about positivity for a moment. I know, I know, it’s cool to

Don’t Watch Dumb Shit

It’s time we talk about not just the content creators on YouTube, but the

Living Above the Line

I stumbled upon an insightful video this past week and although it wasn’t specifically targeted

Patrick Casey

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick Casey who currently writes for the

what is equity crowdfunding & how will it help you make your movie?

something very interesting happened a few weeks ago, and it could be huge for

The Problem with “The Grace Helbig Show”

If you’ve been on Twitter any time on Friday night these past several weeks,

Get Spy

While I typically write this blog to offer my advice or my opinion on

spring cleaning – getting rid of the poison in your life

if you’re a loyal reader of my column (is there such a thing?), i

5 Blunt Truths That Will Help You Survive in ‘New Media Hollywood’

After having worked with countless rising and current new media artists over the past

Work Out Your Trust Muscle

Does this sound familiar… You’re a hard worker with a clear performance goal. You

Fandor to Finance Original Shorts Program

Yesterday, Fandor announced the creation of its FIXshorts program, which invited participants in its FIX

anticipating audience’s behavior

if like most of the members of our community, all you want to do

The 13 Most Ignorant Quotes From That Awful Deadline Article

Last night, Deadline’s TV editor Nellie Andreeva trolled hard with an articlequestioning whether or


Actors, I would like to rhapsodize on the importance of improvisation. I know that

The Whole Truth

The entertainment industry is hard. There is no free money. Nothing comes easy. While

2015 predictions … for the rest of 2015, at least

as i’m sure you’ve already heard, HBO Now is about to go live exclusively

Techy Tips to Improve Your Visibility as an Actor

In a recent interview at South by Southwest, several high-profile casting directors talked about

Tips for Perfecting Your Skype Audition

I’ve long been a fan of technology, especially in my casting office. I’ve gone

Web Series Creators: Apply to This New Fund

Tomorrow at SXSW, Independent Television Service (ITVS) will announce the launch of Digital Open

Filmmakers: Here’s the 12-Step Guide to Co-Directing

This week we bring you some guidelines to help you navigate the waters while Co-Directing…

understanding and using habits to make your dreams come true

this week’s piece is inspired by Guillermo Del Toro’s speech at SXSW. i know

The Actor’s On-Set Survival Kit

We all know that moment when you get to set and you’re like, “Shoot!


THE KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE Directed by John Cassavettes 1976 / 109 minutes / Color The

Welcome to the Dead Zone

Jupiter Ascending, Chappie, Focus and Fifty Shades of Grey…what do these films all have in common?