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being a good slashie – how to make the most of your community

perhaps the most common reason that a person joins a community like We Make

Tech & Trade Tuesdays: The Industry Has A[nother] Dark Side

I don’t ask for much in my line of work. A comfortable chair, computers

Tech & Trade Tuesday: avoiding spoilers in a digital world

if you’re active on social media and also the fan of a popular show,

tech & trade tuesdays: prepare for virtual reality … now

it is my very strong opinion that content creators and filmmakers need to prepare

We’re Up To Something

It’s been a little while since I’ve stepped in for Chad to write the

what is equity crowdfunding & how will it help you make your movie?

something very interesting happened a few weeks ago, and it could be huge for

spring cleaning – getting rid of the poison in your life

if you’re a loyal reader of my column (is there such a thing?), i

anticipating audience’s behavior

if like most of the members of our community, all you want to do

2015 predictions … for the rest of 2015, at least

as i’m sure you’ve already heard, HBO Now is about to go live exclusively

understanding and using habits to make your dreams come true

this week’s piece is inspired by Guillermo Del Toro’s speech at SXSW. i know

the art of collaboration

yet again taking a short break from my normal tech beat even though there

“stop hurting yourself!”

did you have an older sibling who’d grab your hand and then hit you

let’s keep it in perspective, shall we?

on May 16th in the year 1929, a private dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel

The Work You Are Doing Sucks

Did you just get angry? Then perhaps it is time for some self-reflection and

ego management

though some very interesting news about Apple’s suspected new foray into the TV subscription

should We Make Movies try to create an alternative casting option?

this upcoming weekend i’m having auditions for a short film that i’ll be working

the value of connections

for just over two years, the Pebble Kickstarter campaign held the record as Kickstarter’s

innovation in film marketing

if you’re an indie filmmaker today and you’re not already familiar with Jon Reiss’

why is Netflix so secretive?

for years now i’ve been trying to find out everything i can about digital

The Interview, North Korea & the power of film

so if you were living under a rock during the early weeks of December

as the film & TV world turns

there was a very interesting panel at the Los Cabos Film Festival yesterday. it

Right On Cue

In the wake of HBO’s landmark decision to make their online streaming service completely

how predictable is human behavior?

since today is election day (you should definitely vote today BTW), we’ll be discussing

will the explosion of music streaming affect the indie film industry?

a few announcements this week have illustrated just how massively streaming has altered the

the HBOGO news could be bigger than you know

so it’s official now. you probably saw the headlines early last week. HBO is

a new era of cell phone video

though short films have been shot on iPhones and iPads for years already –