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The Problem with “The Grace Helbig Show”

If you’ve been on Twitter any time on Friday night these past several weeks,

Get Spy

While I typically write this blog to offer my advice or my opinion on

spring cleaning – getting rid of the poison in your life

if you’re a loyal reader of my column (is there such a thing?), i

anticipating audience’s behavior

if like most of the members of our community, all you want to do


Actors, I would like to rhapsodize on the importance of improvisation. I know that

The Whole Truth

The entertainment industry is hard. There is no free money. Nothing comes easy. While

2015 predictions … for the rest of 2015, at least

as i’m sure you’ve already heard, HBO Now is about to go live exclusively

Techy Tips to Improve Your Visibility as an Actor

In a recent interview at South by Southwest, several high-profile casting directors talked about

Filmmakers: Here’s the 12-Step Guide to Co-Directing

This week we bring you some guidelines to help you navigate the waters while Co-Directing…

understanding and using habits to make your dreams come true

this week’s piece is inspired by Guillermo Del Toro’s speech at SXSW. i know

The Actor’s On-Set Survival Kit

We all know that moment when you get to set and you’re like, “Shoot!


THE KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE Directed by John Cassavettes 1976 / 109 minutes / Color The

Welcome to the Dead Zone

Jupiter Ascending, Chappie, Focus and Fifty Shades of Grey…what do these films all have in common?

the art of collaboration

yet again taking a short break from my normal tech beat even though there

What It’s Like Working in a Digital Media Company

As somebody who has worked at several places whose primary goal was “create content

An Open Letter: So, What Are We Going To Do About This?


Gentlemen, You Are Not Exempt (Sapna’s Rebuttal to Sam)

This article was written in response to Sam. Artists and filmmakers of all walks

Ladies, No One Is Going To Write It For You (Be Sure To Check Sapna’s Rebuttal After)

Alright… I’ve got a feeling people will get mad at me for this one.

“stop hurting yourself!”

did you have an older sibling who’d grab your hand and then hit you

Happy Pilot Season – A Compilation

Pilot season is in full swing. Yes, it is true actors should always be doing

Making The Market Work For You

Examining the current state of entertainment is something I greatly enjoy doing. The shows/movies we

let’s keep it in perspective, shall we?

on May 16th in the year 1929, a private dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel

Why Production Value Matters in Online Video

Many know YouTube and other sources of online entertainment to be aggregators of cat


Actors, it’s pilot season. Now, I don’t know exactly what that means to you,


THANKSGIVING directed by Adam Newport Berra / 2014 / Color / 72 minutes Brother and Sister. What do those

Why Do You Want To Be On YouTube So Bad?

So… I know this might run counter to a lot of what people tell