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A BTS Look at Using a Drone Mounted LED Rig to Light a Night Shoot

Using two Black Armored Hexacopters, a RED Epic and an LED lighting rig, aerial

Which Cameras Were Used on the Oscar-Nominated Films of 2014?

We all know that being a filmmaker means a lot more than having an

Joyce Tsang of Stillmotion Discusses Choosing the Best Camera to Tell Your Story

When many of us first picked up a camera, it was whatever we had

Everything You Need to Know About the Dolly Zoom

The dolly zoom, also referred to as the Vertigo effect or a Zolly shot,

Tech Review: On Set with Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera

A working cinematographer puts Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera through its paces, finding it a superb

The Year in Gear: Goodbye 2013, Here Comes 2014K

It is perhaps indicative of how low-key this year was that when I first

A Jib & Handheld Stabilizer All in One: Digital Juice Introduces the Transformable Gemini

Something as simple as moving your camera will add not only the kinetic energy

Partly Cloudy

This past Monday at their MAX event, Adobe clarified its plans going forward. Gone is

All I Want For Christmas

You have no idea how aroused I am right now.

iF design award for Master Anamorphic lens

Carl Zeiss, the renowned optics company and a valued technology partner of ARRI, has

WooWave – the automated syncing software with the funny name

I’ve made no secret of my love for PluralEyes, the auto-syncing tool that came to market a

Product Review: DJI Phantom Quadcopter for GoPro – Part 2

After using the DJI Phantom quadcopter with the GoPro Hero3 for about a month,

Product Review: DJI Phantom Quadcopter for GoPro – Part 1

Everyone is looking for that elusive aerial cam that’s both affordable and easy to

Canon C100 or C300: Which One to Get?

For many, the release of the Canon C100 has prompted one question: Which one

MacWorld / iWorld 2013: CamRanger turns iPad or iPhone into Wireless Field Monitor

One of the questions I hear all the time is, “How can I turn

Product Review: Flashpoint 500C Portable LED Light

Adorama introduces another hit in their line of affordable video and photo lights, with

4K comes to CES and Canon announces new Cine Primes

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which ran January 7-10 in Las Vegas, is not

Review: GoPro Hero3 is teeny, tiny and totally pro. (Video)

Metro Weekly Multimedia Producer Aram Vartian took a new micro-video camera, GoPro’s Hero3, to

FCP X and the Future of Editing

Editing is older than motion pictures. The ordering and pacing of dialogues, scenes, entrances

Breaking news: Vantage One T1 Primes

Are you into super-shallow depth of field? Do you think modern lenses are too

REVIEW: Vinten Vision Blue5 Fluid Head and Tripod Legs

Tripods tend to fall into that broad category of items that we never notice

Review: Benro Video Tripod Kits

Chinese photo-equipment company Benro has been making tripods and heads under its own name

Full Frame Shootout: Review of Nikon D800, D4 and Canon 5DmkIII

I know I am a bit late to the party getting my reviews of

Sony Launches New Camcorder & Field Gear

Sony is targeting filmmakers and broadcasters with its latest camcorders and equipment, the NEX-EA50EH,

South Africa 1:Shooting a documentary short with the BlackMagic Cinema Camera

OK…shooting footage for a review is one thing. Shooting some pretty stuff for fun

The latest: Nikon D600, Canon 6D, Leica M, Panasonic GH3 and more

Like clockwork, at the end of summer and as fall begins, most camera manufacturers