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Casting Your Location: How to Find (and Keep) a Great Location For Your Film

The right location can make a film, the wrong location can break it. Recently,

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In “Service Means Citizenship” and “Basics of Audience-Building,” I explore the ways in which

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In this Off Camera clip, Robert Downey Jr. speaks with interviewer Sam Jones about

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Filmmaker Magazine features a list of up-and-coming filmmakers every year and this year is no

100 Women Directors Hollywood Should Be Hiring

Studio executives often protest that there simply aren’t enough talented female filmmakers to choose

Ex-Paramount President Adam Goodman Launches “Nimble” New Film Label

Dichotomy, which will employ an incremental financing structure for microbudget projects, aims to ask,

Strengthen Your Lookbook with This Checklist

Pitch not strong enough? A lookbook can be the ace up a hardworking producer’s

An Ode to Commercial Acting

This week we bring you a bittersweet look into the world of being a

Julianne Moore, Christine Vachon, and More Team Up with Tribeca and Chanel to Support Women Filmmakers

Through Her Lens, a three-day program for U.S.-based female writers and directors, culminates in

How Can Middle Class Filmmakers Make a Living?

“I am the 99 percent…in Hollywood.” The income disparity in this country, which is

Who Makes What on the Lot and on Location

From the C-suite to the caterers on their feet: Information gleaned from the Sony

‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension’ Flop Shouldn’t End Early VOD Experiments

“Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension” represented a bold distribution experiment and an unprecedented alliance

Can Budget-Slasher Jason Blum Prove The Way Hollywood Makes Movies Is Horrifyingly Wrong?

If you want to meet the smartest man in Hollywood, head east from Grauman’s

Is Netflix’s ‘Beasts of No Nation’ the Future of Movies?

‘True Detective’ helmer Cary Fukunaga’s excellent child soldier saga is the first film to

Things to Consider When Buying a Projector

Don’t look now, but projectors are invading our homes in record numbers. They’re not

Going Viral the Organic Way: New Media Meets Human Engagement in Tiffany Shlain’s Character Day

Like many moviemakers, we think of our films as providing a moveable feast for


Your agent sends you the scenes for your audition, and if you’re lucky, the

Scene Tectonics: Damage-Control Your Edit with Eight Tips for Scene Transitions

We’ve all been there–the editing room-turned-rescue center. Here’s a secret to surviving those agonizing

Vimeo Announces New Slate of Original Series

This morning, Vimeo announced a new slate of “Vimeo Originals,” serialized and short form

How to Make a Must-See Heist Movie in a Single Shot

It’s early in the morning in Berlin, and a 23-year-old woman from Madrid named

Female-Driven Movies Make Money, So Why Aren’t More Being Made?

It’s good business to cast strong women in lead movie roles. Last summer’s opening

How James Dean Changed Acting Forever

The cinematic male lead would never be the same after Dean appeared on the

Beat It: How to Develop the Story Beats in Your Screenplay

On the surface, directing doesn’t seem to require any tangible skills. Think about it:

How a Movement in Chile Is Transforming Film Worldwide

CHANCES ARE YOU haven’t heard much about The Stranger—it’s been hard to pick up

Tribeca, Lionsgate Launch ‘Shortlist’ Movie SVOD Service With a Human Touch

Streaming service to include 150 curated titles monthly, with lists from guest actors and

A Better Budget: The Beginner’s Guide to Planning an Indie Budget

A typical feature budget has 30 to 40 categories, anywhere from 250 to 300-plus