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When industry leaders take notice of a project, it is something to be proud

Filmmaking Collective Works To Close The Gender Gap In Canada

A Toronto group called We Make Movies Canada is out to get more movies

To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind In Life

Editor’ s Note: While this is not an article directly related to our industry,

No More Excuses: Adam Rifkin on Why You Should Grab Your Film by the Horns, Now

Movies are my life. Literally. Making movies is the only job I’ve ever had,

Harnessing the Hydra: How to Be a Better Collaborator, by Southbound Director Roxanne Benjamin

Good collaboration happens when a film’s creative heads move in unison. We hear over

Crowdfunding is a Full-Time Job: Tips from the Directors of ‘The Dog’

Though the co-directors of “The Dog” managed to raise over $52,000 on Seed&Spark, their

The 25 Movies We’re Most Excited to See at Sundance

EACH YEAR, THE Sundance Film Festival feels like a race against time. There are

The Psychology of What Makes a Great Story

“The great writer’s gift to a reader is to make him a better writer.”

Critic’s Notebook: When Every Fox Show Becomes a Procedural, It Gets Very Boring

For the 2015-16 season, Fox has or has had seven dramas in which the

Hollywood’s Issue With Diversity Goes Beyond The Oscars Boycott

Last year when the Oscar nominations were announced, I was, like most Black people,

George Clooney on White Oscars: ‘We’re Moving in the Wrong Direction’

Last week, for the second consecutive year, the Oscars nominated 20 white actors as

David Oyelowo Goes Off on Oscars: “I Am an Academy Member and It Doesn’t Reflect Me”

“For 20 opportunities to celebrate actors of color, actresses of color, to be missed

If You Love This Awards Season Movie, Try This Lesser-Known Indie Movie

From MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and WHITE GOD to ROOM and FELT, these cinematic

The Future of Hollywood Blockbusters Moves Even Closer to China

Wanda Group’s purchase of Legendary Entertainment solidifies a push eastward in the works for

3 Things to Avoid When Directing Films – David Fincher

According to David Fincher, do you have any guesses about what the top 3

Scientists Help Movie Writers Make Films ‘Plausible-ish’

Organization links scientists with writers who want a dose of scientific accuracy; black holes,


Bryan Cranston was once asked to give advice to aspiring actors, and in turn

How They Created the Bear VFX for the Mauling of Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Revenant’

ILM divulges its impressive character animation for the bear, which has been shortlisted for

Human at the Seams: Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson Make Yearning Tangible in Anomalisa

Hiding any visible trace of the artifice of moviemaking is one of the craft’s

Nine Tips for Pitching Your TV Series

With the arrival of the Golden Age of Television, many indie-slanting stories are finding

The Building Blocks of Story: Organize Your Ideas into an Effective Structure

Imagine that there was one foolproof way to come up with a story. Well,

Cinema Law: What are the Rights of a Documentary Subject?

Q: What rights does the subject of a documentary film have if the film

Hollywood Inequality Made Headlines In 2015 But Did We Make Any Real Progress?

I’ve been writing about culture for six years, four and a half of them

First Draft: Five Tips For Writing Action Sequences

Action sequences can be a screenwriter’s best friend or worst enemy. If you can

Social Media for Moviemakers: Everything You Always Wanted to Know

Keeping up with your crazy cousins, reconnecting with your high-school crush, maybe even documenting

Meet Your Crew: How The Script Supervisor Keeps It All On Track

The job of a script supervisor was devised around the ten arbitrary things that