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What Makes You Think You Deserve Likes?

Every single day, I see somebody asking for likes on social media. And every

YouTube is NOT a “Stepping Stone” to the Mainstream

The term “mainstream” or “traditional” media is currently used when referring to the world

New Media Mondays: Don’t Share Stolen Videos

UPDATE: Since posting this blog, I have found an excellent video from Destin at Smarter

New Media Mondays: 6 Reasons Your Online Project Tanked

Far too often, I see web series, comedy shorts, or fundraising videos fall short

Don’t Watch Dumb Shit

It’s time we talk about not just the content creators on YouTube, but the

The Problem with “The Grace Helbig Show”

If you’ve been on Twitter any time on Friday night these past several weeks,

Techy Tips to Improve Your Visibility as an Actor

In a recent interview at South by Southwest, several high-profile casting directors talked about

What It’s Like Working in a Digital Media Company

As somebody who has worked at several places whose primary goal was “create content

Why Production Value Matters in Online Video

Many know YouTube and other sources of online entertainment to be aggregators of cat

The Truth About “Every YouTube Video Ever”

Last April, the popular website College Humor released the video above. They titled it

What We Can Learn From Exploding Kittens About Crowdfunding

As some of you may know, a record was broken just last week –

How to Transition into Traditional Media

Many Internet celebrities have turned their skills and their fans’ purchasing power into successful non-Internet

How to Market Your Online Project

So, you have a web-series or a video that you want to put on

Why the World Needs Digital Video Creators

Ten years ago, the most popular YouTube videos were called “Racing with some cool

Internet Video Trends We Should Stop in 2015

Although I am sure you have been wished this many times in the past

“Internet Actors” and Mainstream Media

For the past week, I have been pulling 14-hour night shifts on an indie

Why Your Webshow Will Fail

There is a lot of “content” on the Internet these days, ranging from the

Travel the World, Make Films, and Get Paid

Today I’d like to introduce you to two filmmakers who I’ve been following/admiring recently

Film Recommendation: Documentary “Please Subscribe”

I often talk about how having a YouTube audience is a great catalyst to propel oneself into

The Buzzfeedification of Culture

Five years ago, you never would have seen a Hollywood Reporter headline that reads

Language-Agnostic Television

The term “language-agnostic” has been used for years as a reference in the world

Social Media As Future-Proofing

Today, I went to see a film. It was the opening weekend of the

Why Fiction Fails on the Internet

Quick: Name five successful YouTube shows! Go!I bet you can’t do it. I bet,

How do Web Filmmakers Make Money?

If you are a filmmaker anywhere (not just in Los Angeles), you’ve probably struggled


Living in Los Angeles, one picks up many fancy terms while mingling with the

Web Stars and the Changing Landscape of Future Fame

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