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#OscarsSoBlack and Film Adaptations – Film Geeks Ep 102

GARRETT IS BACK WITH THE 102nd WMM FILM GEEKS PODCAST Tune in with LIVE questions and comments

WMM Canada To Host Premiere Screening Party On March 30th!

Congrats to Michael Coady (fearless leader running WMM CANADA) & the filmmakers taking part in

If You Love This Awards Season Movie, Try This Lesser-Known Indie Movie

From MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and WHITE GOD to ROOM and FELT, these cinematic

The Future of Hollywood Blockbusters Moves Even Closer to China

Wanda Group’s purchase of Legendary Entertainment solidifies a push eastward in the works for

3 Things to Avoid When Directing Films – David Fincher

According to David Fincher, do you have any guesses about what the top 3

Scientists Help Movie Writers Make Films ‘Plausible-ish’

Organization links scientists with writers who want a dose of scientific accuracy; black holes,

Building Your Team & Hasbro Sucks – Film Geeks Ep. 101



Bryan Cranston was once asked to give advice to aspiring actors, and in turn

How They Created the Bear VFX for the Mauling of Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Revenant’

ILM divulges its impressive character animation for the bear, which has been shortlisted for

Human at the Seams: Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson Make Yearning Tangible in Anomalisa

Hiding any visible trace of the artifice of moviemaking is one of the craft’s

Nine Tips for Pitching Your TV Series

With the arrival of the Golden Age of Television, many indie-slanting stories are finding

The Building Blocks of Story: Organize Your Ideas into an Effective Structure

Imagine that there was one foolproof way to come up with a story. Well,

Next Improv Night is April 20th!

We Make Movies’ Improv Night’s primary purpose is to help generate ideas for scripts

Cinema Law: What are the Rights of a Documentary Subject?

Q: What rights does the subject of a documentary film have if the film

Hollywood Inequality Made Headlines In 2015 But Did We Make Any Real Progress?

I’ve been writing about culture for six years, four and a half of them

We Make Movies: A Year In Pics (2015)

2015 was the year we became a fully community-funded collective. In addition to our wildly

First Draft: Five Tips For Writing Action Sequences

Action sequences can be a screenwriter’s best friend or worst enemy. If you can

Social Media for Moviemakers: Everything You Always Wanted to Know

Keeping up with your crazy cousins, reconnecting with your high-school crush, maybe even documenting

Meet Your Crew: How The Script Supervisor Keeps It All On Track

The job of a script supervisor was devised around the ten arbitrary things that

WMM Film Geeks Podcast #100: 2015-12-20


How the Tiny Studio Behind Coraline Became a Powerhouse

TEN YEARS AGO, Laika could have just as easily named itself “Longshot.” Sure, it

Shtumi in the Spotlight: How to Turn an Info-Heavy Story into Riveting Drama

“That first draft must have been 300 pages.” If I had a nickel for

High Concept, A Recipe: The Four Essential Components to a High-Concept Pitch

The single most in-demand quality of a script is for it to be “high

Why ‘The Dressmaker’s’ Jocelyn Moorhouse Took 18 Years To Make A Movie

Jocelyn Moorhouse was living the Hollywood dream when life decided it had other plans

What visionary directors really have to gain from making Marvel or ‘Star Wars’ movies

I appear to have upset a number of readers yesterday by suggesting that I

How to Direct Actors: Advice from Actor-Turned-Director Nick Sandow of The Wannabe

On a typically tight indie production, getting any rehearsal time at all is an