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4K: HDTV Redux?

Beyond 1080 – If the recent flurry of news about 4K TV gives you a

The elusive work/ life balance….can you achieve success AND have a life?

I used to have a life. I gave it up 6 and a half

2012: The year pay TV fought off the future

Year-end reflections are typically filled with lists of significant events. But when it comes

A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling-interview with Andrea Phillips

This week’s post should help those who are thinking about giving transmedia/cross platform storytelling

Cameras: 2012 Year In Review

It’s the end of the year and everyone’s doing year-end lists, so why not

Hand Held Hollywood’s Filmmaking with the iPad & iPhone is now available in bookstores everywhere (almost in time for the holidays)!

This is the ultimate survival guide for the mobile filmmaking revolution. It exposes how

48 fps: A Bridge Too Near?

Filmmaker Peter Jackson has recently performed a very public experiment in releasing The Hobbit: An

Claudio Miranda, ASC on LIFE OF PI

With themes concerning God, hope and survival, LIFE OF PI’s ideas are epic with

What Good is a Macbeth/Colorchecker Chart?

Most camera rental houses have an in-house expendables store, and during a recent visit

Amazing before and after VFX shots in Final Destination 5

This is slightly off topic and nearly a year old, but it’s a fantastic

Testing Your Camera’s Emulsion

A few months ago, I ran a blog post about how important it is

Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant on the Fifteenth Anniversary of Good Will Hunting

Get ready to feel old: This month marks the fifteenth anniversary of Good Will Hunting,

Real Life Superheroes

I saw this video of Real Life Superheroes shot in my old stomping grounds.

ALEXA used for COLDPLAY concert film

ARRI’s new Fiber Remote Option for the ALEXA camera has passed the ultimate field

Clip Exporter 1.2 for Final Cut Pro X is now free and open source

Thomas Szabo at Mindtransplant has emailed us to say that ClipExporter has been taken

25 Pieces of Juicy Filmmaking Knowledge from Cinematographer Roger Deakins

Is it really worth my time to give Roger Deakins an introduction? Surely you already know

FCC Cable Rules Change Will Require Consumers To Pay More For Basic Cable

Watching basic cable on your TV used to be simple. But if the FCC

24 Free Motion 5 Converted to Final Cut Pro X Title Templates

What is this? Last week Ripple Training made a video about Motion 5′s link behavior. In their

Review: GoPro Hero3 is teeny, tiny and totally pro. (Video)

Metro Weekly Multimedia Producer Aram Vartian took a new micro-video camera, GoPro’s Hero3, to

The Benefits of Using Neutral Density (ND) Filters & Gels in Video Production

The same way you need to ensure your color temperature is right to minimize color

Dear RIAA: Pirates Buy More. Full Stop. Deal With It.

Just a few days after Joe Karaganis posted his response to the RIAA’s favorite researcher, Russ

Creating A Feature Film DCP Using OpenDCP

In December 2011 I wrote about using a MacBook Pro as a playout source for the

FCP X and the Future of Editing

Editing is older than motion pictures. The ordering and pacing of dialogues, scenes, entrances

Breaking news: Vantage One T1 Primes

Are you into super-shallow depth of field? Do you think modern lenses are too

Deciphering the Film Slate (Part 3): Twelve Examples of a Completed Slate

You want to be a slate superstar? A champion of the clapperboard? A maestro of the marker?

Confessions of an AFM Distributor

I spent yesterday attending the American Film Market. My goal was to meet filmmakers