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The second letter in R&D stands for development

Variety’s David S. Cohen returns from CES with a warning that studios need to

Low Light Levels and Wide-Open Lenses: the 80s/90s Look

There’s something amazing about shooting low light images with a wide open lens. Now

Packaging Case Study: Workin’ The Pre Sales Game At AFM

Hello there! Today I’m back with another Packaging Case Study and how my client Francis (and

Building Medusa: The Perfect DIY Fire Light

When I signed on to do The Greatest Game Ever Played, I wanted to try

Getting the Shot: Scenes from the Making of the Music Video, “Ready or Not”

In a previous article (An Afternoon Music Video Shoot with the Canon C300) I

4K comes to CES and Canon announces new Cine Primes

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which ran January 7-10 in Las Vegas, is not

Final Cut Pro X and Motion5 tutorial roundup

We feature many new products here on, but we thought it was time

Words as Images

I was cruising around Pro Video Coalition and stumbled on this cool little video.

How to use Final Cut Pro X with your DSLR

Many of today’s DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras can shoot not only great images,

Tax Tips for Filmmakers

It’s getting close to tax time again. As I prep stuff to send off

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Masterclass in Why HFR fails, and a reaffirmation of what makes cinema magical

Peter Jackson, a terrifically talented film maker and pioneer of new cinema technology, has

A Quick Look At Some Of The Rigs and Cameras Used On The Hobbit

Before you click to see the full article be warned. This is about the


I decided to take a critical look at the cinematography of “Breaking Bad,” a

The Art of Title – “Signs”

A sibilant breath is slowly drawn across catgut: in and out, up and down

Lighting for Film & TV: Colour Correction Filters Pt 1: What is Colour Temperature?

Before we get into filters you first need to understand something called Colour Temperature. The

Planting the Seeds on a Marketing Deal

Terra Chips, makers of the famous Terra Blues potato chips (the official snack of

HX-A100: Point-of-View Active Lifestyle Camera

Panasonic is pleased to announce the HX-A100 Wearable Camcorder, designed to let users easily

Shooting “Hansa” on Canon 5D Mark II

Critically acclaimed “Hansa” that released recently is being appreciated for its look and feel.

Superb walk through tutorials on making trails with Final Cut Pro X on shared storage

Whatever you had planned for the next hour, cancel it. These superb walk-though tutorials


Hardly a day ever passes that Tom and I are not besieged with phone

Looking ahead to 2013 in post-production

The year known as 2012 is history and 2013 looms large on the horizon.

How Much Are You Worth? Determining Your Day Rate with Ryan E. Walters

One of the most challenging aspects with any creative endeavor is trying to figure

Are bad movies a hollywood goal?

Does Hollywood set out to make bad movies? Have they lost their artistic inspiration?

Writer/Director Kevin Smith on Filmmaking: You Must Have a ‘Reasonable Amount of Unreasonability’

Independent film would probably not have become what it is today without people like

100 Great Resources for Cinematographers, Camera Assistants, and Film Professionals

One of my goals when I started this blog, along with providing original content,

Still Waiting on a New Mac Pro? 2012 iMac Beats Mac Pro in DaVinci Resolve and Premiere

Oh where, oh where is Apple’s “Pro” line of products going? Okay, I admit