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Online Video 101 For Small Business: Video Marketing for SMBs FREE E-Book

For most of our readers, video is something you deal with on a daily

MacWorld / iWorld 2013: CamRanger turns iPad or iPhone into Wireless Field Monitor

One of the questions I hear all the time is, “How can I turn

Product Review: Flashpoint 500C Portable LED Light

Adorama introduces another hit in their line of affordable video and photo lights, with

Working on House of Cards seems like a Producer’s Dream.

Ars Technica has a great article on Netflix’s House of Cards. The themes mentioned in

Superbowl score: Internet distribution 3 million; TV 108.7 million!

A record average viewership via traditional TV Network and Cable distribution of 108.7 million (and many


For many people in the TV and video industry good enough is a dirty word. It

The numbers behind the Netflix’s House of Cards

Netflix’s new show House of Cards represents a $100 million investment: is it even possible that

Julian Assange’s 7 Lessons For Filmmakers

Julian Assange was born in Queensland, Australia in 1971 and experienced a difficult home

PROCUTX the iPad controller for Final Cut Pro X from Pixel Film Studios is released

You might have seen we teased our Facebook page readers with a few images

Festival Cinematography Notes – At Sundance, Alexa Rising

The day Sundance began, Daily Variety’s lead article kicked off with: “In this brave

With a Little Help From My Friends — The Making of 1000 to 1

Believe me, being a journeyman DP shooting indie pictures is a hard way to

Exposing ARGO

“As a director of photography, I like working differently from one movie to the

How To Write a Killer Logline

People get obsessed with writing their logline. And so they should. It’s a crucial

Animating the Inanimate: Interview with Charlie Collier

At 20 years of age, Charlie Collier of Zapamation may be a young filmmaker, but he’s

Smaller and faster – What the future MacPro might look like part two

When we posted Peter Zigich’s first design thoughts on a new MacPro last year,

Sony KDL–40BX420E: a low cost monitor for 1080p video editing at worldwide framerates

When Miami-based set out to choose the key components for a new video

The Quick and Dirty Video Guide to Marking Actors

Like any job, going to work in the film industry isn’t always fun. Stepping on set

Big Winners: The SmallHD Story

While I was working at Hurlbut Visuals, Lydia came up with the idea of


“Breaking Bad” is rich in master shots that carry the burden of storytelling weight. This

Letter From Sundance: Can Investors Really Profit From An Independent Film?

After discussing last week Where To Find Investors For Your Film, the next question you are

Tempo: A budget VFX lesson from Seth Worley and Red Giant

Red Giant is known for their effects software, including Magic Bullet Looks, Colorista and

Color Matching a Canon C300 to an Arri Alexa

I’m shooting more projects with the Canon C300 but none of the built-in looks

The Single Biggest Dialogue Sin

Dialogue that is over real can kill your script stone dead – which is

How To Find Investors For Your Film

At the moment, I’m working with a handful of clients all at the same

How To Write A Screenplay That Breaks Through To A Mass Audience

Here’s ten headlines. Ten rules of thumb. Ten writing magic stepping stones I follow religiously. Follow