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Production Needs: Untitled CTW5 Web Pilot

Production: Untitled CTW5 Web Pilot Contact: Marilyn Anne Michaels Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Phone

Andy Cohen

Im a really funny actor who is looking to work with talented people and

UPDATE:so as i said below, after seeing pieces that are 67 minutes and 44

Production Needs: Untitled Collaborative Project

Production: Untitled Collaborative Project Contact: Amanda Lippert Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Phone Number: 917-693-1665

Tracy Peyton

Tracy Peyton began working in theater and film in Wilmington, North Carolina where she

Production Needs: Privates

Production: Privates Contact: Keegan Uhl Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Phone Number: 310-985-9757 Production Needs:

Melissa Ciesla

New to LA, Melissa spent the last 9 years in Manhattan working in the

Whit Spurgeon

Whit Spurgeon moved from Chicago to LA over 2 years ago. Not satisfied to

Scary Cow info sessions – coming up!

San Francisco area people, that time has come again! Scary Cow info sessions are

Hiwa Bourne

Hiwa hails from the islands of Hawaii. She received her acting training in New

Production Needs: Lines

Production: Lines Contact: Vivian Kerr Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Phone Number: 773-263-9748 Production Needs:

Production Needs: Use Me Up

Production: Use Me Up Contact: Dawn Alden Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Phone Number: 773-263-9748

Dawn Alden

Actor/Producer/Stunt Fighter/Fight Choreographer, Alden received her MFA in Acting from U. of Pittsburgh and

Production Needs: Bed-Stuy Lullaby

Production: Bed-Stuy Lullaby Contact: Brett Fleisher Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Phone Number: 202-744-3855 Production

Production Needs: Sleep Disorder

Production: Sleep Disorder Contact: Tom Murtagh Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Phone Number: 818-825-0640 Production

Lesbian Cops: The Movie

LESBIAN COPS: THE MOVIE is an action packed cop drama inspired by movies like

Dominic Conti

Anthony Fushell

A young actor hailing from St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada (the east coast). Recently graduated

The Great Intervention at the Downtown Independent

Turtles. Prom date. Haiku. A 40-something man-child. Concerned parents. Reality TV. Vaguely Profound Productions

Audition Opportunity at Eclectic Company Theater in NoHo

‘Posing Strap Pirates’ Written by Michael Van Duzer A highly stylized parody of the

Production Needs: IAMEVE – Throw Me A Line Music Video

Production: IAMEVE Contact: Andrew Ahn Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Phone Number: 213-999-3655 Production Needs:

The Anti Porn

The Anti Porn is WMM’s first short as a collective, and was a selection

Production Needs: The Last Anarchist

Production: The Last Anarchist Contact: Colin Blair Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Phone Number: 210-884-8430

Broken Clouds – Trailer

In a not so distant future, plants refuse to grow, and life as we

Yuri Alves

Yuri Alves is a writer-director of various short films, including a feature film at

a really excellent acting/directing teacher – open classes

so if you were at the August 31st workshop, you might remember Keegan Uhl