WMM 2017 Film Challenge Info

We are ready to make some community funded films! Please carefully read the following rules and regulations and submit your films accordingly.

General Challenge Information:

  • Challenge is only open to current We Make Movies members in good standing from the Silver level and up, including Silver, Gold and Platinum. We Make Movies operations and team members are also eligible and their scripts go through the same fair process as all other Silver, Gold & Platinum members

  • Script length and requirements have been loosened for this Challenge, based on recent member feedback, but Producibility ratings will be a much greater part of the selection process leading to semi-finals. This will be covered in greater detail under “Submission / Selection Process” below. Those suggestions include the following:

    • A suggested 5-page limit

    • Only 1 or 2 simple locations – please avoid crowded airport terminals, intricate spaceship cockpits or zombie-riddled, post-apocalyptic landscapes

    • Avoid heavy visual effects

    • Project could be shot in a single day

Submission / Selection Process:

  • Only one submission per current Silver, Gold or Platinum member in good standing.

  • Submissions will be accepted from March 22nd at 9am until May 8th, 2017 at 11:59pm through the SUBMISSION FORM.

  • Submitting member need not be the writer of the piece, but does need to own the rights to produce it – rights that also allow member to legally assign non-exclusive rights to We Make Movies for the production (though not the source material) in perpetuity if they win one of the four (4) $1500 production budgets. Written proof of such rights needs to be provided before funds from the budget can be released. Further information of rights covered below under “Assignment of Rights”.

  • Initial submissions will be read and rated by a minimum of two (2) readers each. Each script will be rated on four different elements: Producibility, Character/Dialogue, Story/Structure and Originality/Creativity. However Producibility will hold equal significance to the other three categories combined and will be rated specifically on its ability to be produced for $1500. A third reader will be assigned in specific cases, but at least two readers will read and rate every script.

  • The submission form includes a field where the submitting member may address certain potential Producibility issues. For instance if the script calls for a very specific type of car and you already own it, or it requires some specific VFX and you happen to be a professional VFX artist, you’d want to mention those kinds of things. All of this info will be forwarded to the readers with the scripts, and taken into account while rating each on its producibility. In the event that you don’t submit something in this field in regards to the producibility of scripts, it will be assumed that you don’t have a plan in place and your producibility rating will be affected accordingly.

  • Through the above process, a certain number of scripts will be selected to move on to the Semi-Finals. Semi-Finalist members will be invited to name actors to cast their piece via an online form which will be provided to each once the Semi-Finalists are announced. First, second and third pick options for each role will be allowed, and We Make Movies will make try to get the actors requested, but We Make Movies cannot control the requested actors’ schedules and We Make Movies members will always enjoy a certain amount of preference. Discretion throughout the Semi-Final process is expected of all Semi-Finalists, so as to allow scripts to voted on purely by their merits. We understand that scripts which have been through workshops will be an exception to this, but that’s an advantage we don’t mind granting to material workshopped at any of our workshops.

  • Once cast, scripts will be read at one of a number of Semi-Final workshop nights where only current Silver or above members will be allowed to cast a vote. Also, members who wish to cast a vote on any given night need to be present for ALL scripts read that night. A small number of the Semi-Finalist scripts with the most votes will progress to the Finals.

  • The Finals will happen on a single night and all Finalists will have a limited amount of time to pitch their project and then have their script read yet again. Again only current Silver and above members in attendance that night will be able to vote to choose the winning four (4) scripts, and as with the Semi-Finals, all members who wish to cast a vote during the Finals need to be present for ALL pitches and readings that night.

Budget Disbursement / Challenge Winner Benefits & Responsibilities::

  • Winners of the Challenge will be given a number of benefits for free in addition to the $1500 Production Budgets which they’ll be able to access. Those benefits will include:

    • Free Production Insurance.

    • Access to a variety of gear – though exact timing of usage will require coordination with other members and Challenge Winners, and in some cases completion of a training workshop in correct, safe usage of that equipment may be required before the responsible member may check it out.

    • Free use of editing suites – again may require coordination with other members and Challenge Winners  – and perhaps completion of a training workshop.

    • Deeply discounted services, like sound-design, sound stage rental and color-correction.

  • Budgets will be disbursed after a production budget is submitted and approved. Disbursement of funds will be handled in one of two ways – all of which will be determined before the finals and posted here once arrangements have been made. The first option will allow funds to be released as needed. In this case, a form or forms will be provided, probably an online form. Once the winner or an authorized producer from the winning project completes in full the form or forms, a check will be cut to the appropriate vendor from We Make Movies within a week. In the second option a check will be cut directly to the winner or an authorized producer of the project once the Rolling Production Fund is at $6000 – which is likely to occur before the finals are complete, but if not, it may be just a matter of a month or two. In either of the two above cases, winner is responsible for compliance with any and all local, state or federal laws, including tax and labor laws.

  • If winner should use and Screen Actors Guild members as actors in their project, they must use a S.A.G. contract during the production of the piece. We Make Movies can help guide this process to some degree but final responsibility for compliance with S.A.G. lies with the winner.

  • Challenge winners must agree to use Up On Our Feet Night at least once during the rehearsal phase and What’s Next Night at least once during the post-production phase for the winning project.

Assignment of Rights / Term Changes & Edits:

  • The un-produced script will remain the sole property of whomever wrote or commissioned the script, but by entering the 2017 Film Challenge owner of rights thereby grants non-exclusive rights to We Make Movies to screen, post, stream or use any likeness of the sole final production resulted from the Challenge in any venue, on any device, for any and all purposes including promotional. Owner also retains same non-exclusive rights to screen, post, submit to festivals, use likeness, etc. for their own purposes including promotional.

  • We Make Movies reserves the right to change, edit or augment these terms and conditions at any point during the submission, Semi-Final or Finals process but will call out the more substantial changes here if and whenever they do.

We look forward to your submission.
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