Next “Up On Our Feet” Night is May 3rd

Up On Our Feet Night gives you the opportunity to show the community a more polished version of your craft.

Actors, we encourage you to showcase, in depth, characters and elements of your talent that the community may not have seen yet. Writers, this is a night where you can see how your staging and action comes to life. Directors, we want you to show us your vision of a piece. We highly encourage actors to team up with WMM writers and directors to simulate the real life collaboration that happens when a film is actually shooting.

Check out the guidelines below…

WHEN: Wednesday, May 3rd at 7:30 pm
WHERE: Sacred Fools Company Theatre (formerly The Asylum Theatre) – 1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038

The Logistics:
-Submit your group via this Google Form (also found in the menu under “submit”) to reserve a place in the queue. When you’re next up we’ll notify you and give you ample time to prepare your scene.
-Priority will be given to teams with at least 50% paid WMM members, but you’re welcome to include non-members as well.
-The next 2 teams in the queue will be on “standby” in case we have a late cancellation. So, it’s wise to start prepping your scene as soon as you submit.
-You must give us 4 days notice of cancellation or you will be ineligible to submit for another slot for 6 months.


The Basics:
– Each group gets up to 10 minutes to perform—you can do 1 scene, multiple scenes or 1 scene two different ways as long as the running time is 10 minutes or less.
– Everyone must be completely off book—no exceptions and no calling for “line”. Treat this as a real, final stage performance.
– Each group must decide as a whole when submitting if they want to receive feedback from the audience or not. Feedback may be tailored to the group’s wishes, for instance, you can request feedback on just acting, just directing, or just the writing (or any combo thereof) but the entire group must agree on whatever decision made.
– You can use this night as a pre-production rehearsal time….but remember, all actors must be off-book!


The Details:
– No lighting tech will be available, so any necessary scene changes must be delineated other ways.
– Any props or set pieces must be provided by the group themselves or found within the space. NOTE: WMM is not responsible for guaranteeing the availability of any set pieces ahead of time.
– All setup/cleanup must be able to be done within 2 minutes, so NO backdrops or free standing walls allowed. If you need help moving set pieces/setting up please reach out to the community (via the WMM Members Only FB group) to ask for volunteers or feel free to bring your own crew in!
– Feel free to use this night as a way to invite those outside the WMM community (industry or otherwise) to become familiar with your work.


Who is eligible to submit?
– Writers with a group of actors who are seeking a more polished performance of their script than our staged reading nights.
– Directors with a team of actors utilizing original or published scripts.
– Actors with self-created or published scripts who are self-directing.
– Any combination of the above.