YouTube Ad Policy, Birth of a Nation, & We Make Movies News – Film Geeks Ep #116


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This Week The Geeks Discussed:

• Great Netflix Shows: Stranger Things & The Get Down. See Them Now! Trust Us!
We Make Movies Is Having A Screening of Our First Pilot, “OFF THE GRID” at the Sundance Theater in Hollywood on Oct. 6th. If You’re A Member, You’ll Be Able To Get Tickets Starting at 9am on Wednesday Morning (9/14/16) – Go To The Website Right Then For More Info.
Ryan Potter, the Voice of Hiro Hamada in Big Hero Six & A Bunch of Other Nickelodeon Shows Has Been Pushing to Play Robin in the DC BatMan Movies
• A Movie in Australia Was Funded Using A Cryptocurrency Called ETH. So Weird & Such A Deep Rabbit Hole
• YouTube Has Pulled Ads From “Controversial” Videos & the Sneakiest of YouTubers Aren’t Happy About It.
• The Way People Are Responding to Nate Parker & His 1999 Rape Allegation Makes Us Think Perhaps the Industry Is Growing A Conscience.

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