August 2016 Rolling Production Fund update

EDIT: I goofed on this before and added the entire amount over $1600 to the RPF instead of just 70%. Adjusted the numbers below.

As the fees coming in are now coming from both Paypal (though only a very small percentage are) and as we’re noticing that Patreon’s fees seem to fluctuate from month-to-month, I’ll be giving estimated Rolling Production Fund figures and then whenever our lovely CFO can get them to me, I’ll give more a accurate RPF figure after the dust settles, so here we go.


Before fees, we took in $2111 from Patreon and $30 from Paypal. That’s $2140 total. Deducting estimated fees of 7% ($149.80) from that, we get $1990.20. Deduct the $1600 from that and we get $390.20. 70% of that is $273.14 and add that to last week’s $943.90 and we get …

est. $1217.04

Remember, these are all estimates until we get all the fees from our various vendors deducted, and I’ll try to update the estimates with real numbers as often as I can, but we’re on our way to the next We Make Movies movie. Keep your eyes peeled for a poll to see what we’ll want to make next! Should be coming in a month or two. If you’re not a member yet and would like your film to be eligible to be made next, go to our Patreon page and sign on up!